Auto join raids

The auto join and auto fill are a great new thing…But I have a problem that my friends and alliance members also have. If i want to auto join a raid boss it still needs to be within your 200 meter range. So i still have to ask other people to create a lobby and invite me
My suggestion: add a tab in the battle page next to PvP and friendly and name it RAIDS. Then show a list of the available raid bosses that are available on that day. And select the one you want in the list and then click auto join. That would make it so much bettee


:stuck_out_tongue: I like idea

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I think battle tabs would be a great idea for the map situation as well. Sure, the bosses are pretty to look at, but they take up a lot of space on the map and interfere with things like darting and strike towers. Ideally you could remove bosses from the map entirely, and just leave the map for what it was originally intended for - darting.

  1. Bosses add to the map lag aswell. Get em out of there
  2. A simple chat like the in raid ones where you tell your team to either heal or shield would make auto fill for lower rarities less stressful. Need to tell them to stop bringing majundasuchus and snakes :laughing:
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Actually i tested Majundasuchus in rare raids and he worked well

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