Auto or a Multiplier for Egg Farming

Egg farming is tedious and boring.

It takes 5 Energies per turn and 20-30 mins just to gather 200+ eggs. and it’s really boring.

Can a slider mechanism that multiples the attempts help us all to be more interested in the game.

What I mean is if it is broken down with options

1 round - takes 5 energies - one regular earning for coin/egg/exp/fish
3 rounds - take 15 energies - 3 times eggs/exp/coins/fish
5 rounds - takes 25 energies - 5 times earning for eggs/exp/coins/fish

This way one can farm without the exhausting time it takes to do the same.

Does anyone else feel similarly bored with this objective?


This is related to this thread Auto-complete or change speed (2x,4x,8x,...)

Should be applied all over, not only in egg chests.

No I do not think this applicable in case of other objectives, then all of the game is just a fast forward.

I am only looking at something which is really “same” all the time. Getting daily “scales” or doing regular objectives scale up as you keep hitting. As in first challenge is may be 1000K then second round is 1500K and so on and so forth.

However, there is no “growing” difficulty level in egg-farming situation, thus it can be multiplied. It literary is just transactional in nature.

I think I like this idea better.
More so if it can expand to us setting levels to be done in sequence while we’re away :sunglasses:

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To be honest to set it when we are away :smiley: sounds wishful by the upgrade speed we get.

Thus I just wish egg-farming multiplier as they are “static” in growth and thus is much simpler to execute.

Atleast I hope so