Auto orientation


My suggestion is to have a button on the screen that will auto orientate you to the direction you are traveling. This will make it easier to get your bearing when playing.

Also, I would like to sugeeest that smaller towns have more drops and dinosaurs. If you have people playing in big cities (millions) who have access to more variety dinosaurs and more drops competing with those in small towns where things are less frequent, those not living in big cities won’t be able to compete and you user base will quickly decline for the rural players. It needs to be consistent per square mileage or road distance or something.


@Joe_Kerkhoff, good points. 1) The orientation could be determined by the player with a compass control so each could set it the way they navigate. Screen orientation would be nice as well. Some devices are awkward in a fixed position. 2) The per mile approach still gives major advantages to larger population places. Maybe something like a certain resource / creature density for players within a certain distance from each other. It would be good if that adjusted so that players in large population centers don’t have to cover the entire 500 square mile area to get everything, for example, that tilts the advantage too far to the small locations.

For what it’s worth