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Auto Remove Inactive Alliance Members


In order for Alliance leaders not to have to watch for members who have totally quit playing by memorizing their trophy level or team list and levels, give Alliance leaders the ability to set a time period like 10 days where if a member has not logged on, they are automatically removed from the alliance. Or just auto remove inactive people who have not logged into the game after 2 weeks.

This would be good for Alliances who are quite full.


Cool idea but I would much rather just be able to appoint 5 guild “officers” with mute and kick options to oversee stuff like this.


There are more important things in the game that need fixing. There are enough people in alliances to observe who is not being an active member and let the leader know.


People can have some problem loggin in the app so no, I would like not to be automatically kicked since that I can write here a PM to my alliance leader saying I am offline for some reasons. Or I can simply having holidays somewhere and not having easy access to internet…

Officiers is the best solution.


What about people not able to play due to injury?


Or those of us who have busy work schedules?


:o i didnt know that!