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Auto swap and game locking


I have just started playing this game and see great potential in it. However, there are some major flaws with the battle mode. I have experienced AUTO swapping which has cost me the match. How so when your battling and it auto swaps your Dino some times the opponent Dino auto attacks to the swap costing you valuable health points. Secondly i have also had my game lock I had no control and can only watch as the opponent shreds my Dino’s and logging out doesn’t help by time you do and log back in you get the message you lost! I am losing resources because of this and sliding back down the arena matches too! I hope these issues get resolved soon!!!


Hey trick3d0ut, if you disconnect from battle, the game’s AI will take over for you. Take a look at this thread here:[News] Jurassic World Alive | AI in Battle.
Trying some of troubleshooting steps here might help stabilize your connection: Lost a battle I was winning
Also, some abilities can cause a dinosaur to auto-swap out of battle, this is intended in the game. However, if you think there’s an issue, our team would be happy to investigate further. Reach out to our team at with more information and your support key.