Auto-Win Strike Events


It will never happen, but it would be nice if we could just auto-win strike events, or at least have the option to skip to the last battle if we want and if we win we get all the previous rewards too. Taking 15+ minutes to show that my level 24 indoraptor (and people with similar teams) can beat a bunch of level 8 rares seems unnecessary.


Level 22 Monomimused it to death myself. Thankful for the strikes to do as always, but also agree that an auto fight option could be useful to those who don’t have the time.


Gotta spend some time to deserve the free stuff :man_shrugging:t4:


Yep…you gotta do the work if you wanna get paid


yes, the point being the effort you are putting forward is in the cash spent on incubators and coins to get your dinos to a level for you to win beforehand. they got their money. there’s nothing for them to gain for you wasting your time on battles that you couldn’t lose if you tried.


I agree, it’s little bit boring to fight through all this low-level enemies.
Let there be a button that runs all the battle like AI does with the weakest strike every time. If you’re sure that you will win, this button would be very helpful. Even in the winters.


It doesn’t sound like you’re actually enjoying this game mate. Yah we get “free” stuff but it’s nice that there’s more to the game than just hunting Dinos and battling strangers. For just launching a few months ago, I think the company is doing a decent job at addressing issues and still keeping the premise stimulating. I’m glad I’m taking things slow, (humble 41-4200) with still room to improve and keep having fun. Gotta make that Hallloween candy last otherwise you get a tummy ache on November 1st.

(I think a good solution would be to have event bots the same level as the Dinos we put in … rather than just getting the freebies with no involvement at all. Just my 2 cents)


I would do that but I wouldn’t be able to do that with my team, as my team isn’t that strong yet. My highest level is a level 12 secondosaurus. The rest are level 11 or below. The level 11’s are epics and my anklyocodon and velociraptor (normal).

Would be nice when my team is stronger that I could do that if it is a bunch of lower level ones. Otherwise it would be me one hitting everything or something when I’m stronger. (C’mon Charlie or Delta, get higher level for me <3)


level 24 vs level 8s… boring af when you are obviously going to win.


meh, i dont advise it but if im out for a drive ill randomly click on them to complete them when i have time. instead of sitting there the whole time. stegodeus is all i need, havent lost one yet.


If they just had like a skip animation button for them that would cut the time down immensely.


Great idea actually… but…

What are you going to do for those 15 minutes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: open up a ‘private browser’ over your level 24 Indoraptor?? :roll_eyes:


I hear ya man… takes a lot of mystery and thrill out of the game. I’ve still got a way to go in JWA before I get there (if I get there) but no body ever comes close to beating me in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.