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Automatic IA?

Something happened that caught my attention, my situation was 4800 and 4900, in a few days I started to fall quickly, every time I went down to Lokwood, they make me play against an AI automatically, without me selecting it and giving me 40 points, and back in aviary … anyone else?

By the way, I notice that our problems quickly disappear from the forum, LUDIA sucks!


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When 1.7 came out and the arena exploded into the ****show that it is now, I dropped all the way down to 60 trophies for funsies. I also noticed that once I got low enough that when I lost about 3 in a row I would automatically pair with AI. I would have to win one or two of those to get a real player again. Sometimes I could also just leave the game for a while, and get a real opponent when I came back.

ahhh, the difference is that this AI gives me real trophies, the other AI gives you 0 points

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Yes it happens with me after I lose twice (most of the time). I am just a bit below you in the 4600 range.

This AI seems to have brought me higher in trophy count by a lot and somehow is also matching me with actual people around my levels (17-22) after I beat it. Ended up here now:

With this team:

So they are doing the AI thing for all arenas now after 2 losses?