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I think the auto feature is not good for this type of games at least remove it from the arena plz


The auto feature in my opinion isn’t all so bad, so when I gotta put down the phone, I can turn it on!


In my opinion, the only disadvantage of the auto mode is that when automatically running the skills of dragons, they all start simultaneously. Sometimes I feel unnecessary because the remains of dragons have been defeated by running some of the dragons. My suggestion is to make a single run of dragons’ skills, which would result if the dragons were defeated and some of my dragons have a loaded mana can wait with the launch of skills to the next wave.


There are two modes for the Auto, there’s the Auto-Match and the Match+Abilties. So if you don’t want the Auto battle using up your dragons abilities on the first run, you can just switch to Auto-Match and the Auto can’t use your dragons abilties, but you can. On the Match+Abilties mode, it does use the dragons abilities simultaneously, but it does come in handy on the last round, so you can switch that one on when you reach the last run. The Auto does get annoying, but it has its flaws and advantages! I personally think the Auto is great, and I don’t think it’ll improve much further in a way, but there just might be new modes, I couldn’t say for sure though.


I know it and agree with what you wrote. The auto mode is great, but they could make minor adjustments. I also noticed, in auto mode, when there is one dragon to be defeated, the blocks are often matched where there is no dragon and do not deal damage, although there are blocks that can be matched under the dragon.


That is the irritating part, I have noticed it and it has become very annoying sometimes. Thats a adjustment they could maybe add. I have to take over at that point sometimes because the auto won’t aim at the dragon even though there are matched blocks underneath the dragon. Other than that and the dragons abilities used at the same time, the auto is great. What I sometimes actually do is switch to just the Auto-Match mode and let auto start matching blocks and while dealing damage to the Dragons, I use the Dragons abilities, and it does work well for me. Most of the time I play the matches myself, but when I’m doing quests, I usually do that.


I noticed that something has changed. Now that there is one dragon to defeat and we have several dragons with ready mana, only one is started and the rest are waiting for the next wave.


I think I know what your talking about, when there is one more enemy dragon, and the Auto uses only one of the dragons that’s all ready to use it’s mana to take down that enemy dragon on the first blow … if that’s what you meant, I’ve noticed that part too.
And if there even is a wave after that, there’s still like other dragons ready to use their mana because they were spared. I don’t think it was a very new thing for the Auto, but it was recent I guess.


That’s exactly what I mean. I haven’t seen it before, it was only yesterday that I first noticed.