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Available characters that aren't matchable

So, I tried to match with Tiros but even though he is one of the love interests on Lovelink some people told me that he isn’t matchable. Why is that? Will we be able to match with him in the future?
I started playing another version of Lovelink to get his story and it’s so interesting/appealing. Plus, he is gorgeous. Have mercy, Ludia team.:joy:


His storyline hasn’t been added to Lovelink yet, but he is matchable in the old What’s Your Story app. Not sure if that app is still available in the App Store though. At some point in the future, he should become matchable when his storyline has been updated in the app though.

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I’m only seeing this now omg sorry and thank you!

He’s actually matchable now though! Lol :laughing: :two_hearts:

Yeah, either he became matchable too fast or I took too long to check the forums. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl: