Avian ancestors much harder

Anyone else’s event harder than usual? I’ve just wasted a tapejalocephalus, eudimorphodon level 20 and eudimorphodon level 10.

The AIs pattern was all off reserving defending with no pattern I could determine.

If anyone can confirm that this event isn’t all pterosaurs against max level herbivores every 4 rounds just for a chance at another common legendary creature then I might do this event.


I think my first activity on this forum was a reply about Avian Ancestors. Wow, that was so long back… time flies. :slight_smile:

Below you can find many incidents of overkill opponent ferocity… and my first few minutes of entering this forum.

This is known to be an abnormally difficult event for most, don’t take this too seriously if you aren’t able to handle the opponent ferocity.

EDIT : My first post was about a suggestion for another Spinosaurus Unlock Event which was a day before this, but I started being active since the Avian Ancestors incident.


Thanks fury, its not that I cant handle it but it seems a waste using my top creatures which I will have to use then wait for them to cooldown later on to complete the final 2 stages.

Would rather grind tournament wheel instead :+1:


@Aether_12 I use lv.40 common hybrid , Lv.40 Pteranodon and Lv.30 Tapejalosaurus.


The event does not seem to like me using underpowered creatures and guesses every move I make somehow, not gonna give it another shot until I’ve got a good score in tournament.

Will also check sdna amount if it’s not much il probably pass, I managed to complete yesterday’s modded event so I dont mind skipping a hard event for once

Therazinosaur health means I have to waste at least 6 points to ensure a ko

Most events are either super easy or super hard, can we find some middle ground please ludia?


I just logged in… I got the same darn opponents :joy:

Please don’t laugh at my terrible bird lineup, I am trying to deepen them further


Oh damn, and you have weaker pterosaurs :joy:

I didnt laugh :flushed:



I might complete this event by trying two rounds today and two tomorrow. Since I have 1100+ trophies, the finish is probably secured so I can do a few Herb-Amph-Carn matches instead of Ptero-Carni-Amphi just to be on the safe side.

Looking at it now I’m feeling quite silly complaining about an event being hard when I’ve got top pterosaurs to use.

It just seems a shame that they put these events in line with tournaments.

With the aquatic tournament for suchodus there was no aquatic PvE running at the same time.


I am in the third round now.

Then again, no Aquatic PvE is scheduled from Friday to Monday soooo


Is it using all pterosaurs?

I have enough for a second dime today without completing this event anyways so not a total loss

Ha take that high level bullies(JK) I’m facing all carnivores and sweep them with one amphibian :rofl: Easy scaphognathus for me

I breezed right through this one without any issues.

It’s all pterosaurs.

I did use a maxed tapejalosaurous for one of the battles. It was overkill but I used it.


Yeah I’m not sure why I’m encountering problems with this event, I literally just went through 4 dominator battles using cannon fodder, high level, cannon fodder and won all 4 battles against some really tough teams.

Still double sdna for vip event makes up for me giving this one a miss.

I think this event is based on Park Level and NOT your top 3 as my AI dinos had the same stats.

This could make it much harder for some.


I would think that’s right, I’m on level 90 and faced exactly the same Dinos than level 99. It’s doable but I think they made it kind of like a bracket for each range of levels


So what I’m seeing here is that everyone has the same opponents as each other because I had the same opponents as @Jurassic_Fury and


I had the same opponents too. No problem for my legendaries. For some of us this event is a piece of cake.


@Tommi care to share some metriaphodons? :joy:

And wow tapejalocephalus at level 40 looks amazing… rainbow mouth