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Avian ancestors

It seems to me this is a bit too much. My ferocity isn’t that high. Any tips?

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I have the same issue, im even way lower than your level! :tired_face:

Meat shield and charge up. This one took me like 3 tries and I had to use my best Dinos.

The next one is easier.

The 3rd is harder, but i didn’t have the Dino’s to try.

And I thought I was the only one!

Even I feel like Avian Ancestors and Fight for Funds are way too much.

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If you’re balanced, these events are very straightforward and winnable. If your lineup has a weakness, the game will eventually exploit it.


I found the hardest battle to be the second one, the others were pretty straightforward, but I do have a fairly decent



Oh! I need that Monolopho unlock event anytime soon.


You got a pretty good Pterosaur line up


Sucks that there are so few good pterosaurs,herbivores are more available than pterosaurs,Amphibians and Carnivires are most.


I’ve kept my line up very balanced and in fact my pternodons are of my strongest dinos, but the level of the AI dinos is extremely high. Relative to even my strongest one. What’s the strategy here?

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@anon43877113 thanks! Yes, I decided recently to focus on my pterosaurs because I have found that if I use them as my lead off creature, followed by amphibian, and then carnivore, then I win the majority of my tournament matches. I use herbivores from time to time, but typically only while waiting for pterosaurs to CD.

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For anyone else struggling, this one ticked me off. 1st and 3rd are hard. 4th is 3 carno/a cake walk.

If you are stuck on 3 and can push through, do so.


Well, I tried one more time with best pteros, but didn’t help. Meat shield and charge up of course. I won’t spend bucks for this event, 650 lp is why I am doing it anyway. Now I just hope for good trade deal for lp to compensate


@gabochido do you have a screen shot of your lineup?

This event is based on Level, not average ferocity. I had the exact same matchup as OP, and I am Lv90.

The first match was the hardest for me. I used all Lv10 VIPs. The AI is very aggressive, so I did this:

Team (in order): Eudimorphodon, Pterodactylus, Pterodactylus

Round 1: Reserve, AI will switch Ostafrik out for Therizino who will attack you for 488.

Round 2: 2 Reserve, 1 Block - Therizino will attack for 2, dealing 488 damage due to 1 block.

Round 3: 4 Reserve, 1 Attack - you need to deal this 200 damage in order to save 1 extra action point (5 attacks needed to kill Therizino instead of 6). The AI is very aggressive so Therizino will most likely use 3 Attack here.

Round 4: 5 Attack, 3 Reserve - Therinzino died and Ostafrik will use 4 attack.

Round 5: 3 Attack, 3 Block, 1 Reserve - Ostafrik died and Unaysaurus should do 4 Attack. You should be able to live and perform 5 Attacks to kill Unaysaurus.

If you do not have Pterodactylus and only Eudimorphodons, Round 4 & 5 will be different.

Round 4: 6 Attack, 2 Reserve

Round 5: 3 Attack, 3 Block. Unaysaurus will still use 4 attacks and you would not have enough HP to survive another attack so you pray and do 3 Block 1 Reserve and Unaysaurus should attack with 3 and use 1 Block. You repeat the 3 Attack and 1 Reserve until you build up 6 action points and you should win. Must build up 6 actions, we assume Unaysaurus has 1 block after 3 attacks. Need 5 Attacks to deal 1800+ damage with 200+ Attack.

If Unaysaurus does 3 Attack, 1 Reserve* - just try again. There should be a point where you can win.

Edit: *


Thanks for the reply @Nestea and the step by step. I’m probably over leveled then. I’m level 52 but I only have 1 VIP (I started a couple of weeks ago). This is my team.


Unfotunately, the AI doesn’t behave quite the same for me. It charges up for the first 3 turns. And the level disparity is also a bit more in my case, I think. Even though I charge up for the first 3 turns too, I can’t get enough power to defeat their herbivore.

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Update: From the VIP gift today, I got a pterodactylus, which I’ve now hatched. I don’t want to level it up though, because I had understood that the AI’s level is based on your top dino’s 3 ferocity. I also considered combining my two super rares but it takes 4 hours for each try. This doesn’t seem to be the case here, which is interesting. You said that this event is based on your level. Are some events based on level and some based on ferocity?

Sorry @gabochido, with your current team, it will be pretty difficult.

The only way to beat this stage for you would be with luck. Does the AI automatically switch to Therizino for you? If you want to try the team:

Lv28 Zhej, Lv8 Darwin, Lv30 Zhej (in this order)

Try to get 4 reserve before dying with the 1st dino, Lv28 Zhej. It will take your Darwin all 8 attacks to kill the Therizino, then you have to use all 4 blocks, hoping the AI uses 2 remaining actions on Block after having killed your Darwin the previous round. Then hope the AI does 3 Attack/1 Block and repeats this pattern until you build up 8 action points.

Only with 8 action points can you kill the last 2 dino with 1 dino left.

I can see that you are a VIP player, the pack is worth 2600 LPs with the bonus. That’s 1/4 of a Solid Gold pack. If you can get past this, the others are not as hard.

If you’re not saving for anything as well, you might be able to open up 3 Solid Gold packs and hope for a Ptero VIP.

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Yes, most events are based on ferocity. Very few events are based on level, like the Battle Stages are level-based.

I would just level up that Pterodactylus to 10. When I started, I leveled up all of my VIPs to Lv10 right away, didn’t matter too much. But, better chance at beating the event for you now.

The AI will do the same thing just about every time. Maybe once in 3 or 4 time it will change, but change back after that one time. If you use the same Dino’s enough times, you can plan the optimal plan. If you have identical Dino’s or enough time that is.