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Aviary and above without Dracocera?

I encounter DC all the time in arena battles, and I have it in my team because I felt I’d be at a disadvantage without it. I’m curious to know if there are advantages to not having it in your team for Aviary and higher arenas. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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I don’t use one.

What I like about it is that now I get to roll 4 powerhouse dinos, rather than 3 powerhouses and 1 swap-in crutch. It makes me feel less at the mercy of my DC and the pressure to keep it alive is gone.


I thought the same as you do and put it on my team for a couple of weeks not long ago. Everyone else had it, why shouldn’t I?

Thing is in those couple of weeks, I drew it only twice. In those two times, once was a mix of a bad draw and sloppy play on my part, and the other was me going up against much higher levels and boosts that it didn’t matter. Switched it for a dino that mixed power and survivability, kinda like @bobbymcfeen did, and I feel the team is better for it.

I still run into Dracorats every second fight, but it just adds a bit of happiness when I beat them to the spite I feel seeing them.

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Used one for quite a while and its now L29 ready for L30; but its been parked on the bench for a couple of months now. Running without Thor and the Rat now and managed to reach Gyrosphere (briefly). I find my team is more flexible without it.

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I used to have it on my team before, but since it wasn’t one of my favorite creatures I decided to replace it with others I liked more and because I was already tired of that playstyle anyway. I don’t feel like I win more or lose more, but I have way more fun now.




hahaa :rofl: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I don’t have draco on team and I’m in Aviary, but then again I got Kapro, which does save me from time to time.

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I have 5100+ trophies and it’s been ages since the last time I used the rat (probably I used only when it got the rampage) and I never had problems getting trophies without it.

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I’ve never run the Rat, and while that doesn’t make me special or better than those who do, it suits my play style so I prefer it. I’m at about 5100 trophies, sometimes a few more, but always above 5000.

As others have said, I have 8 strong dinos rather than 7+Rat, and this gives many more options.

I’ve always used Monosteg, and since it gained the swap in ability, I find it even more useful to counter the Rat. A bit dirty, but trophies are trophies…

So yeah, try it. Balance speed and armour and you’ll survive just fine

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I used to have it, but have since replaced it with other stuff that rotates in and out. Doing just fine without it in the gyrosphere depot. Honestly, I rarely see them anymore, and when I do I tend to just laugh and take it out, even if I lose to it I don’t care. To reach their own. I’ve gotten beyond needing it.

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Took mine out when I unlocked Tryko. No regrets. It hasn’t really affected my ranking too much, although I did hit my personal best (5100~) recently.


I was gonna say the same thing @bobbymcfeen said. You can have 4 allstars on your team instead of 3 allstars and a turd. DC is a boring way to fight. Whenever someone swaps DC in, all i can think is, “You still do this??” It seems so archaic and immature at this point.

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it’s pretty good to finish some 500 speed dinos that would smash all team alone.
good for procera, spyx, erlidom, indo2… specially when some of these beasts are 5.000.000 speed after speedup move.

some battles my indoraptor2 has good random waves, i smash 2 and a half dinos. i am sure player is angry and wish had a draco to stop my indo2. because i feel the same when they bring a 150 thor or 163 magna.

another situation i pray for a draco ready is when beloved matchmaker brings me something at lvl 30 that i have to beat with my levels 22 to 26.
or some bizarre things like that:

in fact, dropping it from team could open a slot to another great dino… i swear i tried. but realized it should work if i had more than dozens of 10-fuse on them and had them at team lvl as easy as draco (i live on tricera area and work on draco2 area).

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A lot of people hate the rat and will say how outdated it is, or how dirty, unskilled it is, whatever.

Look at the top 10 or so players on the leader board right now. If half or more still have it on their team, can it really be that bad?

I still love my rat. And people will still talk a lot of mess about it. Whatever, who cares?


Never used it in arena. I’m bouncing between high Aviary, low Library. Very rarely lose to it. When I lose to a rat, then usually is boosted lvl 28+ or I draw bad team for that battle.

I really pity those players that can win without rat and still uses it for that last hit.