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Aviary Bug

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Bug Description: so basically I got the option to battle AI but when the battle engaged, no menus or timer showed up. I couldn’t select a creature, view stats, see the timer or see the names and moves of all creatures.

Area is was found in: Aviary

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- battle AI in Aviary
Step 2 - that’s it really

How often does it happen: only once today

What type of device are you using: Samsung Galaxy S7 (I think, can’t remember exactly)

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

This is the first time it’s happened and I’ve battled AI before. Tries rebooting the game but didn’t work

Had this once. Resulted in a nice screenshot like yours :slight_smile: Also AI battle in Aviary.

(Galaxy A5 2017 btw, but I doubt it matters)

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I Made a Info to the Support… for a few days… nur nothing happend… i had this Bug too

Also had this on my alt account, in a different Arena…no skill buttons nothing…I restarted the game, cleaned the cache and still the same…needless to say I lost! Will try and post the screenshots.