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Aviary Eastern Bunny

It’s a clue to the next over powered monster that makes the dracoceratops look good…the swap in 4x shield devastation with priority stun and instant swapout rampaging Sabertooth Rabbit with 7000 health and speed of 123…

Can never unsee…

A moose once bit my sister.



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I hear moose bites can get pretty nasty! :smiley:

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Best. subtitles. ever.


I have always seen a whole host of creatures in that image from a T-Rex head, an evil owl in a tree, a snake head, a lion cub head and a Brood head (X-Men) :crazy_face:

Now that I think of it, why has no one made a Monty Python reference?

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I’m so glad someone mentioned this! On one of the earlier arenas I always saw a hippo face! Lol After that I noticed a “hidden animal” on all the arena screens. I thought it was just me. :smile:

Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked, have been sacked .

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“Go on, Bors… chop its head off.”
“RIGHT! One rabbit stew coming up.”

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It is a big turtlee.