Aviary Frustration!

Hello fellow Dino Hunters.

Please, please, please help me out here.
I’m currently in Aviary (breaking into Library on occasion). I’ve been floating around upper Aviary for months now and it’s getting me down! I’ve hit Library 3 times now lasting a few battles before dropping right back down again. My team are all lvl 22-26 with an even spread of boosts. I’m seeing high boosted lvl 27-30 dinos in battles. Is this where I should be? It seems like every time I lvl a Dino or tweak boosts it makes very little difference. Any helpful advice/tips would be very much appreciated.

Stay safe Dino nuts…

It’s pretty much the same story with all of us as far as I know. My creatures are level 20-24 and it’s still the same story. In and out of Library all the time.

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That’s your problem right there. Don’t you know you have to exploit the system and focus your boosts on just two to four creatures to do well, dummy??

I’m kidding of course (thought there’s some sad truth to that)… What happens is that every season people from upstairs drop to upper Library when the trophy reset happens. And they utterly destroy players that are normally at Library level, dropping them to lower Library or the Aviary… And those do the same with people there (you included)… And then we have this very annoying domino effect every month. Yes, it’s frustrating.


Level up that Erlidom, level up the IndoG2, apply boosts where you see weaknesses in a critter. I’d put Smilonemys instead of Indominus.