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Aviary team help

Hi, I just reached the Aviary and I’m looking for some advice for my team.

I have a boosted lvl 22 indoraptor, a level 17 Monomimus, a lvl 19 Monostegotops, a lvl 20 rajankylosaurus, a lvl 20 indom, a slightly boosted lvl 19 Monolometrodon, a lvl 20 stegodeus, and a slightly boosted lvl 20 Alosinosaurus. The only unique I can get right now is Thor, but IDK if he is worth it. Any suggestions?

Get thor and be prepared to be stuck in that arena forever

thor is going to be a nice revenge killer and set up creature this update. (at lease in the arena)
atm, i would recommend seeing how aviary evolves after this update. It’s constantly changing and what works now, might not work in 2.2