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Will someone from Ludia please tell us why we now have an arena where no fair matchmaking takes place ?
All the way up to the Aviary players are matched with the closest trophy count . Then it stops , and you get matched with anyone in the Aviary arena .
This is totally unfair .


Not only that… if you lose to teams with higher trophy counts but lower level (boosted) dinos you can lose 50 trophies. So you can win more than losing and easily drop.

If you can’t make the trophy algorithm fairer please bring the old one (pre-1.7) back… it only considered trophy number and was a lot better than this.


Instead of matching everyone in the Aviary arena with anyone else no matter how high or low your trophy count , why not add a couple of new arenas ?
This gives us something to go for , and stops ridiculous matchmaking .


We have thrown the entire balance of the algorithm out the window to try and prevent folks from dropping. I went into detail in those threads why an algorithm like this would not work and folks disagreed and some saw it wasn’t a reasonable fix. Yet here were are. I am glad lower arena folks are now free of droppers everything is great :joy:


But surely anyone in the lower levels of the Aviary will drop back because it’s impossible to find a good match up .
So if they don’t drop deliberately , they’re will drop anyway .
It’s a crazy system . You progress to the Aviary then all logic is dropped . Senseless when a couple of new arenas would solve it .


If new arenas don’t have matchup limitations I don’t think that changes anything at all which is why the matchup algorithm is what I am questioning.

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Naw, most of my matches are pretty even unless i get paired with someone at 4300… been between 4700-4800 for 4 days now… maintenance had no effect and my avg team lvl is 21… so match making would rather pair me at someone with lvl 24 at 4300 then someone with lvl 26s at 4600s. But even when i get paired with others in avairy between 4600-5000 most are even matches enough where rng is playing a roll in my outcomes again.

I took 50 trophies off someone who had 250 trophies less than me yesterday.

Today I changed my lineup to basically just be low level dinos & at 4900 trophies I battled someone with 4000 trophies.

They need to change it to 5000 trophies to get into Aviary and then just leave it the way it is. The highest arena should be like this. High ranked players have to wait forever to get matches with the old system. I understand the unfairness of it, but welcome to the Thunderdome. We have no mercy here.


I’ve said for awhile they never should’ve changed the trophies required to get in.

Ever since 1.7 hit ive been questioning their algorithms… it makes zero sense to me that they would introduce an algorithm that considered level strength as the primary match maker then introduce boosts that devalue level strength considerably.

Their own patch notes indicated this switch was because they were introducing boosts.

But thar part of the algorithm clearly needs work… i just went 2-1… two of my opponents were at 5k another was at 4900… the guys at 5k were wins for 85 trophies… the guy at 4900 was a loss for 13

Im at 4800… like these guys are clearly in my optimal trophy range…between their levels and my boosts these were kinda even match ups…if anything i had a small advantage not a reason for that large of trophies on wins and that small on losses.


Anyone here remember how the arenas used to be last year? It used to be that you had to have 4,000 trophies to get to Jurassic Ruins, 5,000 to get to Lockwood, and 6,000 to get to Aviary. Then they changed it to 4,500 to get to Aviary and lesser amounts to get into the other two. I’m pretty sure this was due to the highest level players in Aviary having difficulty finding a match.

I prefer battling the top players - if I lose to someone with 1,000 more trophies (which is almost guaranteed unless I get good RNG) I only lose 10 trophies; but if I lose to someone who has 200 more trophies but lower level dinos I can lose up to 50! This is just crazy and unfair.

I like the way things are now. My boyfriend used to wait forever to get a match while I would get matches intantly. Now he can get matches within a reasonable amount of time and isn’t stuck staring at the searching screen. It makes sense that everyone in the same arena can fight eachother.

If you think aviary matchmaking is unfair then maybe you belong in Lockwood for now until you can level/boost your dinosaurs more.

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You’ll be on the minority of that arguement. Having over half the trophy range in 1 arena doesn’t make sense.

I like themaxx’s idea of raising it to 5k trophies to get into aviary. Maybe that would solve some issues with unfair matching.

It’s not that tho. I battle there all the time but the issue is in the trophies awarded. I win, I get 10, I lose, I lose 50. That’s not the way it’s supposed to work.

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What are you talking about? I’m at 4800 trophies and these are my recent matches. Granted some of those guys have had teams with lvl 28 dinos but the trophy count is close enough.

and i was just matched up with someone 1544 trophies higher than me.

that, was not close enough.

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Here’s my last 4.Screenshot_20190519-071516
I’m at 5600ish trophies.
Everyone of these battles were one sided.
There’s no tournament going on so I’d really rather just have the option of fighting the AI right off the bat. It would be just as fun and be well… faster.
Or at least till matchmaking is refined.