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Aviator with lvl 17-20 dinos

I have been in Aviary for two weeks. my team is made up of lvl17-20 dinos, except Yoshi that I just went up to level 21. I usually win teams with uniques like Thoras, Erlidominus, Indoraptors and some Tryko. Are my Legendary dinos which have low level better than Unique ones more leveled ?

I don’t understand why this happens.

This is my current trophy as you can see.

Strategy. How you use your Dinos is important.

I’ve had people using an Erlidominus Strike and Run into their Dracoceratops after I’ve put up a Long Invincibility.

Is it possible that matchmaking algorithm values unique hybrids more than legendary? I swapped a level 24 Rat to level 22 Maxima and suddenly I’m facing lv28+ Thors, my overall LV and boost average dropped but my opponents are way tougher

It’s almost a guarantee. A little while ago in notes they came out and said rarity is considered.

I just won a team with Erlidominus level 23, Indorraptor 23 and Tryko level 21. I am beginning to believe that some Legendary are better than uniques ones