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Awards PvP


Hello everybody.

I’m new and have a question.

What awards do i get after i won in the arena?


You get incubator ( if you have space for it ) and coins if you havent reach arena limit for coins that day


Okay. I can get 3 hours and 8 hours and…? Is there a reason i just get 3 & 8 hours?


The 12h and 24h are considered rare. Just make sure you always have an incubater running; sooner or later a 12h or 24h will show up. (:


No its luck RNG . Im lvl 9 and till now I only get 2 epic and 2 12h incubators. Most of them are 15 min /3h/8h


Ah okay. Than i just need to be more lucky. But thank you really much for ur help =)