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Awesome commons?


Hmmm – just had my backside handed to me by a Level 17 Deinocheirus … totally rampaged all over my Stegodeus. Had a bucket load of DNA for mine so levelled it up from 14 to 18 (there are so many of them around I had given up collecting) and threw it in my team; absolutely immense.

I wonder how many other commons are actually impressive. Tarbosaurus was originally but eventually got overwhelmed IMHO.Stego still is.


I swap between the angry chicken and allosaurus!


The only commons I have left in my team are Velociraptor, Stego and Nundasuchus.

Nundasuchus was may favourite dino when I first started and was extremely common in my area. I managed to get it to lvl 15 and still does very well. The only downside was that it disappeared from my area for weeks, and only last night did I see one near my house for the first time in ages. I’m hoping to continue lvling it now.


“Angry chicken” lol :slight_smile:


Yep - nundas everywhere before the update, Einiasaurus as well - hence my Level 21 Einiasuchus


Tarbosaurus for me. He’s on my roll still while Velociraptor has gone into the reserves. That said, am just waiting to get something better than Tabby because he’s getting overwhelmed by all the hybrids that I am encountering so frequently. But nothing is as satisfying as seeing him do a critical hit and downing a stegoceratops that had been stunning me left right and centre.


I’ve kept my raptor on my team the whole time I’ve had it. I will not abandon it after all of the times it came through for me.


Deinocheirus is my feathery baby, sitting on over 25k DNA just waiting on coin to level her. She’s ferocious, and I adore her.


I don’t have any commons or raptors in my team. My fastest dino is Postimetrodon. Sometimes I swap in Tany for T. Rex.


@Heather - it’s all your fault - every time I send Deinocheirus into battle I shout (mentally I hasten to add) “Iiiiitttttssss angry chicken time!” :joy:


That’s what it looks like though a giant, raging chicken :rooster: :joy:


LYTHRONAX I choose you! Lythronax is my most favourite common,I’ve only got him up to L16 so far but he munches the back-end of the trollish tanks like stegodeus, etc. Or else switches in, tanks some damage and auto-kills unsuspecting weaked 'saurs. One of the most epic common dinos in the game IMHO.

I also use Euoplocephalus (L19) for my second common to be a trollish tank, and it’s awesomely bulky too.

However I flatly refuse to use the common velociraptor because early on this game made me really hate that creature, so now I have many counters to it in my deck.


I love my vraptor. She doesn’t survive much if I leave her in after the first pounce, but I have won many a battle switching her out and bringing back in later for a decisive hit.