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Awesome! Keep being matched against library players

And I’m in Aviary… so lvl 27-30 BOOSTED against my team… really awesome guys. And no I didn’t just check high score, I checked profile… they’re all in Library.

What you see in that list is their high score for the current season, not necessarily where they currently are.


Checking their profiles doesn’t really tell you anything, since it shows the highest arena they have reached, unless they fixed this.


Current arena is also based on their highest score.


I’ve been meeting heaps of those. Heck just now a lvl 30 sucho.

I wonder when Ludia will fix this. Nobody wants to see high scores. They want to see where they stand. If they really want high scores too, why not just write it like it does for your own score?


I wish they would do this. When we look at our own name, it shows current and high score. I wish they did that for everyone in your recently fought list.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s so that people can’t complain about being matched against people much higher than they are. The matchmaking has always been a bit off in this game.


No it’s not, check my profile in the app and you’ll see the arena matching the one I’m in. My high score is Library

That’s your own.

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Showing both shouldn’t be hard. I like seeing my high score.

Checked and it’s showing library.

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That was screenshot for me to humor you by one of my members. If I take a shot of my own this is what I get…

That’s awkward as this shows to my members when they press my name from the alliance list and select profile. So apparently there’s different details being shown depending on from where you select to show the players profile…

Confusing game, isn’t it :slight_smile:
I wish it would just show both scores…

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Drives me nuts :joy: