Awesome pairing for arena

Not only did I get paired with someone who isn’t in the same arena as me but the computer gave him every single stun and every single crit. I lost 3-0 and his dinosaurs are 3-4 levels lower than mine. He wiped out two Dino’s with a level 16 Utahsinoraptor. Mine is level 20… he got crit after crit. Every hit from Utah was a crit. Every hit from Tryostronic was a crit. He stunned me with low stunning strike and instant charge. Seriously?

Exactly why rng shouldn’t be in the games battle system.

i agree. cos i hate going into battle and trying to strategise on luck lol

i dont think RNG needs to be completely removed, but it shouldnt play as big a part as it does.

what i find funny though is monomimus seems to have a lot of luck dodging whereas irex its fairly 50/50 but they have the same % right?

I think the only rng in battle acceptable is your team, but even then I personally think that they should let you swap out one dino for another at the beginning of every match if you want/need to for more fair fights.

And yes those two have the same chance, it’s just… Rng.

Without the chance of crits and stuns the game would entirely end with the player with the higher level or faster Dino winning, where is the skill in that? it would go from rng based wins to whoever plays more winning.

While RNG must stay in the game, all they need to do is put diminishing returns on stuns and dodges.

IE: Cant be stunned more than twice in a row, cannot dodge more than 3 times In a row!

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Ive said the same thing about diminishing returns… the rng factors are what keep the battles intresting. But this games rng works like an on off switch at times…
I had a match earlier today where my stegocera hit 6 stuns… 3 on the first dino it died 2 on the second…he swapped and the dino he swapped to get stunned with a minimal…at that point i just felt bad

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Everyone acts like every fight is a fight of the same dino’s going against each other when trying to make a point. It’s not.

I kinda like that idea. Only rng in this game I like is how game gives you randomly 4 dinos to battle. Though I think it would be great to have possibility to replace one dino. But so that there would still be bit of randomness I think you should only be able to replace dino in first slot if you want to.

But many times it is…so long as their are “Meta” dinosaurs we will always be seeing the same dinosaurs over and over! Just look at Stegodeus, Stegoceratops, Monomimus and Indoraptor =/.

It was only in the lower arena tiers that there was some diversity in the dinosaurs you came up against, but as you climb the ladder (and thus ppl learn what Dinos are good and what aren’t) it starts being a case of the same dinosaurs over and over lol.

Play your moves differently, play them smarter. Also, shouldn’t the person who worked harder for their team be rewarded for it?

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They are rewarded for working harder, their stunning abilities do more damage, their crits do more damage.

Rewarded? Yes.
Given a 100% assured victory coz their Dinos are higher level and RNG doesn’t exist? No!

EDIT: Also many of the top players are Pay to Win. So its a case of who spent more money being rewarded!
EDIT 2: Also a player who plays smarter/is more skilled should have a chance to beat higher levelled Dinos!

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You’d think the company would encourage this by not having crits and dodges.

That’s what I’m all for, but critcals usually never help them and end up helping their enemy destroy any chances for skill to make a difference.

I dunno man, ive been in MANY matches where a lower level team was able to beat me by simply playing better and getting some nice crits!

You are wrong. You can win higher level dinos. It’s all about dinos you use and strategy.

Wow, you you need to make up your mind dude.

We actually had the same four Dino’s. And we used them at the same time. I did it purposefully. Oh a level 16 utasinoraptor let me bring out my level 20 and show you how it’s done. RNG SAID NOT TODAY SATAN!

The main fact of the matter was this person is in the 7th arena and I’m in the 8th arena. He shouldn’t of been a loss because he shouldn’t even be in my battle bracket. It needs to do an arena check, a rank check, and a Dino check. What I mean by Dino check is that it doesn’t pair level 26s with level 19s. It should be a range of two-3. So a 23 with 20s. Or a 17 with 20s