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Awful Dracorex distribution

Dont know if its intentional from ludia but i drove 25km and counted 32 green boxes and found just 3 dracorexes :smirk::sweat:
I was so excited about this event and l saw just charlie and delta all over the place
…it was my last chance to collect them cause tomorrow i will be at work :smirk:
Anyone experienced the same with the rare daily dinos as me?

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This happens to me nearly every time with the dino I need. I genuinely wonder if it’s deliberate.

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Maybe by decreasing the spawn cooldown time to one hour we could collect more of the wanted ones near to us

Yes, it’s awful this time. From work to home for me there are 42 green boxes. 1 dracorex. I’m gonna give it an hour and see if they shift. Hard to find in the midst of winter…dont trust other drivers out here.