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B&B ability bug in Arena

Encountered that in Arena, pretty annoying. Enemy B&B uses his ability but instead of attacking one dragon and applying the armor break to it, B&B attacks one dragon and applies the armor break to another one. Because of the pretty good stat boost B&B gets while defending - leading to an incredibly strong shot by his special ability - and the huge long lasting armor break buff, this is (almost) taking down two of my team members instead of one (definitely dying). I calculated with one lost team member, not two.

Right below this text you can see that it’s mid-battle and B&B just activated his special. However, the dragon that the armor break buff is applied to (Fireshrike) couldn’t be the one attacked since she’s in very good condition. Guess she would look different after getting a 200%+ shot of defense-buffed B&B …
(Guessing game who got the 200%+ shot instead? Right, poor Bombwelter. He looks a little bit more exhausted by the ongoing battle.)


@bee,this bug existed ever since the release of barf and belch, I sent tickets to ludia about it and they just kept on saying that they will investigate but they didn’t do anything about it in the end. If you want to apply the armor break to the dragon B&B hit, just aim at the enemy dragon you want to hit( by aim, I mean that red circle that appears on the Dragon like in your first screenshot),and it doesn’t only happen in arena, it happens everywhere.

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I mainly use B&B for Alpha so I never noticed that this bug also happens when B&B is in my team.
My point is that this discrepancy between attacked and buff-applied dragon occurs when I’m attacked by enemy B&B in Arena, not if I’m attacking with B&B myself.
I guess there is no workaround in that case?

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Yes I know what you mean, and it also happens when you try to hit an enemy with barf and belch.

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I noticed this too, actually. I don’t remember if it was in quests or in the Arena, (I don’t usually use him outside of Alpha battles but I got a little trigger happy and accidentally started a battle with him still on the team) but I thought it had been a ‘feature not a bug’ scenario, since the dragon he attacked went down, and another instantly got the debuff.

Good to know it’s not intended though :confused:

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Yes I agreed to this!! They really need to test the dragon’s abilities… I’m having trouble with New Years Stormfly abilities… the counterattack dmg is useless because it’s basically invincible for one turn. Makes no sense.