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I run out of the FIPs every day when our Alliance has just 2 high sanctuaries. Not sure why anyone would need more.


It’s good to know you guys have excellent relationship with other alliances and good team work. But seriously unless Ludia start selling FIP everyday like they did with boosts there is really not much point for having more than 2-3 lvl 20 sanctuaries.

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  1. a wider variety of Dino’s can be offered so it suits all kinds of players.
  2. you don’t have to return every 3 hours to fip that single Dino you need loads of dna from.

I have to say that this is an incredible achievement!

It’s hard enough organising one level 20, let alone 5!

Alliance members will soon level up dinos with such a volume and choice of great dinos, and the weekend fip packages will make it worthwhile.

Well done :clap:

That all Diplo L20 would be awesome for trainer pack sales.
Can you pull off another L20 all Mammoth?

Cause you can buy 130 of each on Sunday. For under $30.00. This way we can fip all those in 24/36 hours and then start collecting our 6/6/6 again. It translates into 2578 total epic dna of a target Dino. Furthermore, most players are trying to level old Dino’s. While our higher level players are working on tourney dinos. So this allows us to meet all level of players. It also allows us to actually make use of weekly event Dino’s. So instead of having 3/4K irritator and no pyro. We can load a sanctuary with dimo and pyro that allows our members to use up all that darted dna and level up the hybrids. Just a more efficient way of playing. On multiple levels to accommodate all level of players.

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Thank you amazing work by a great group of players.

Set up wise, we is one of the sanctuary to have its Dino’s expire starting Sunday. So if the sale comes back we can easily and quickly convert that to particular Dino’s. This using those purchase fip quickly. Under the 48 hour swap. Then convert that back to satisfy other players needs.

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Would agree to some extent. Definitely for most alliances. But when you left ok at top players and see level 30 dinos of new Dino’s. This is a big part of that. Most alliances run a vote ect. We do as well. But we are less stuck now. This allows the focus to shift towards tourney Dino’s for high level players, or those interested in tourney play. Which we all know now offer a great amount of dna and rewards. As well as weekly. A perfect example, I have players now with lvl 24/25 new hybrids cause we could accommodate their needs. Where with 2 or 3 sanctuary they would be waiting to get that dna or we would have to remove Dino’s to get it.

Having your Alliance members spend $30 every week to level up more sanctuaries is terrible!

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We don’t have our members spend any thing. Terrible assumption

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I’m not familiar with BOB much, but no one has to spend anything.
If some want to buy bundles and help though I don’t think they will frown upon it, but L20 sancs can be 100% F2P.
It’s all about the power of communication

Exactly. Why I said it was a terrible assumption

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