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Baby Dino Companions

Hear me out, you have little companions to help you in battle. That’s obviously not the full thing though.

How would these companions work exactly? Well, no matter what, they would add health, attack, and speed, but sometimes they would add armor or crit chance. Sometimes they even come with their own extra move!
Here’s three examples I made:

download (3) download (2)


A bit wired but nice to have


The baby Rex was supposed to be a fierce, I just forgot to change it.

baby rex would be tyrannosaurus silhouette

Very true.

New Companions Coming Soon! Not all of them are baby dinos!

Baby Smilodon


Not a baby, but still work as a small battle companion!

The poisonous nip is a reference to the JP novels where the procompsognathus have venomous bites!

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I would love to see that. I always wanted baby dinosaurs in Dino games after Jurassic Park Builder

Why does Bumpy/Little blue not have any moves?

Sorry! I just read the note that goes with each of the babies. It makes more sense now.

Fun idea, but where would they be displayed? This game doesn’t even have player avatars

I really loved your idea! I would like to show it in my Youtube channel, of course, giving you all the credits and if you want some promotion of any of your social media I can do it without any problem.

Is it possible?

Thank you in advance,


You have 100% permission to do that! My YouTube is Gaming Dilophosaurus. I don’t have any other social media unless you count these forums!

it should be faster…
its not an olm or anything

Someone can do a baby piro

Sure, I’m just starting with well know baby/small creatures from the franchise first!


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A baby compy would practically be invisible lol.

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