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Baby dinosaurs

Do you think they should add baby dinosaurs like in jpb? I mean they have a canon petting zoo so we should relive that old feature from jpb


Yes. Yes. Yes!!! Absolutely…

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A feature i thought is a seccond button next to the species info that shows your dinosaurs as baby’s

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If you remember Park Builder, first five levels of each evolution had the baby form. Would be really EPIC if we had that on The Game creatures! I’m already imagining the baby version of fourth evo Indominus…

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I guess that baby dinosaurs could give you some “bonus” either in coin production, or cooldown, or attack or health. Or we could do it like JPB and make the first few levels of every evolution to be babies.


Translated from Spanish

Yes it would be fine but, surely it would take a long time to make the baby version of all the dinosaurs

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation in the future.

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Welcome to the forums, @SpinoRaptor729