Baby Rex Coming in Camp Cretaceous Season 2?

Netflix released a short clip of the new season of Camp Cretaceous on YT as a preview of the second season. In the trailer, Rexy is seen bringing branches back to her enclosure as if she’s building some kind of nest. On the Jurassic World website, “the map of Isla Nublar states that her paddock was designed to house a juvenile of her species to live with her, but no juvenile was ever transported to the paddock”. Will we be seeing a second Rex in the franchise with Season 2?

I completely forgot and have been avoiding accounts like Klayton and others who sorta explain this stuff, to avoid dominion spoilers, so I would like to know
is CC canon or no? Just curious

Yeah, Camp Cretaceous was confirmed to be canon and there were even talks of maybe having the CC characters in live action

I see, well, considering the events of FK, I feel like if there is a baby

it will live(if it survives in CC)and may appear in dominion as it may have been secretly saved from the island and wasn’t shown like nasuto

or I feel like it will die by becoming prey to another dino(s) (toro? bary trio?) or something like that(fall off a cliff?)

this is all that comes to my head if its canon, but I’d love to see the baby rex, I hope it has the design of the juvi rex from the lost world but with different colorings

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Just realised that Klayton dropped a vid on it, I’ll have to watch it later