Back after a long break, things that I’d love to see…

Was really surprised to come back after so long and see NOTHING new save a few random dragon species and a nerf or power up here and there.

Things that could make the game playable long term in my opinion:

  • Would love to see additional battle leagues. Say a three star league, 4 star league, max power, etc.
  • Some type of sailing mode to visit limited time islands and visit friends islands. Islands could provide rewards if you assigned a dragon to check it out. At friends’ islands you would be able to speed up hatching or leave a gift.
  • Dragon equipment, saddles that you could equip to dragons.
  • World boss events.
  • Clan vs clan events.

These are really great ideas. For something new. {I would also be grateful.


Also island skins/ themes (like Halloween and Christmas) would be cool

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