Back ordered Incubators?


My husband (who hasn’t taken the time to create an account on the forum) has been trying to purchase an Incubator with bucks, but every time he tries, he gets this screen that says “back ordered”. The purchase doesn’t go through and it resets the page after a minute or so. Anyone else having this issue??


My buddy says that happens to him too but only when he is running his gps spoofing app :joy::wink: I am totally kidding. I just wanted to be the first to harass him especially since he doesn’t have a forum account. Seriously, I have never had that issue and I have purchased tons of incubators


I believe it’s a bug. I’ve only had this happen to once. But I’m also running a beta pre-release version of Android so I get a lot of bugs at the general public doesn’t. Try restarting your device.


I had that this morning. No idea why.


That graphic flahes for me too but only in the background when I’m claiming my free incubator every 6 hours.


Same thing for me, happened whenever I open my free incubator.


Yeah I didn’t try and buy it but it says that when I open the free one


Hey hazelnutmegan, thanks for reporting this to us. I have notified our support team about this, and they’re going to be looking into it. If you have any other information, reach out to them at with your support key to assist them in the investigation.


I notice that whenever I open my 5hr free incube. It’ll be fine and as it prepares the incube, it says Backorder.


Yeah. I have had the word “Back Order” flash onto the screen right after activating the incubator and right before the contents start to appear on screen. But I actually get the items. My husband doesn’t. He’s on an iPhone, so it’s not the Android issue. But thanks for the suggestions! If it doesn’t clear up, I will have him formally contact customer support.