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Back To Back Identical Trades?

Anyone getting back to back identical trades. Example: Today I got the same trade again after doing it. I traded both an aero Titan and apatosaurus fossil for meat and then after half an hour the exact same trades came up again (this was exact meat). Anyone witness this?


This happens from time to time.


not uncommon


Ok. I got lucky today. 3 back to back trades of 44M coins to 22M meat. Was kinda hard to get the coins but now I’m sitting at 88M meat :cut_of_meat: What should I do with it? :joy::grin:


get to 99,999,999 and do a food->jurassic trade for a high chance for VIPs.

But I’m a non vip. I heard that this won’t work unless you have VIP

That is correct. You still have a chance of getting super rare hybrids for your food.

I’m pretty sure I’m the only one here on the forums who has tested it. Could be something to do with level (I’m 75ish).

Never hurts to try. A failed attempt is data and a sucessful attempt is data.

can you get VIPs without being VIP by doing this?? +Predator_X

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No you can’t.

very hard to confirm that. could be me being very unlucky.

I think one of the moderators said before that only VIP players should be able to get offered vip stuff. Might have been talking about the vip extra trades and not the custom trades but I don’t know. So far never saw any non VIPs pull VIP stuff.

I have also gotten Ostafrikasauruses many times in custom trades, for the same amount as the previous trade.

Osta-frikking-saurus nauseating, that Trade Harbour is sometimes