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Back to complaining about speedties

I’ve made the mistake of stop talking about speedties, cause even I got fed up… But I’ll start talking about it every week again… It doesn’t matter how annoyed (and annoying) I am and how many times I repeat the same freaking things… It’s the only thing I can do…

More than one and a half year since this topic:

And nothing has changed… In fact, it only gets worse with every new No Escape creature that’s added to the game. Rixis vs Rixis, you’re dead. Boa vs Boa, you’re dead. And not only that, but with the opponent in a good position to deal damage to the next creature, or of course, escape to a swap in user… This is something that’s actually worse than luck and the RNG factor. It’s UNFAIRNESS, pure and simple! You’re basically favoring some players over others. I’ve never seen an absurd like that in any other game.


just lost another battle cuz of speedties

another one

I don’t think Ludia are in the slightest bit bothered by speedties or something would have been done by now.

Their answer is clearly swap in damage dinos which I appreciate don’t carry any favour with dinos with no escape or on escape abilities.

But I read the notes that come with every update and I’m just :man_facepalming:
Yet again nothing is done, yet again the majority of player base seem happy so :no_good_man:


Yup,and thats just another reason why people like us drop the game…
Funny,when you think,they are starting “continental dinos”…
In europe,we are clearly not tons to play this game because of speedstie and i do think this is the same in asia.

What is rng?

Random Number Generator

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Thank you shining

You are welcome

I’ve become an expert of avoiding speedties throughout my time playing this since I lose most of them… But with the No Escape/On Escape creatures, there’s simply no way…Worst thing is when people send those against yours, knowing they’ll win… freaking ridiculous…


Got to top20 on a Sunday night without winning ANY speedtie… zero… Proud of myself but at the same time annoyed, knowing that I could compete for top10 if it weren’t for this bullcrap

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I could be wrong on this but i’ve heard that ludia ran a poll about speedties. And that people voted to do nothing about them

And i defenetly think they need a change, they can be insanly unfair. But i guess the majority has decided they’re fine, tho again not sure where they ran the poll. If somone would run it on the forum most people would problably go with a change needed to speedies

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Speedties need to change. Period. With this system anybody who isn’t an american is at a massive disadvantage when fighting for the top positions in a tournament. I lost one yesterday where I selected my attack, he selected his a full second after mine and he STILL got to go first. Speedties are what kept me from going beyond my highscore, 70% of my losses were due to the damn speedtie system. I do not exactly appreciate being disadvantaged because I don’t live close enough to the servers.


I have stop tournaments just because of that and we all know ludia will never do anything about that.
Of course no need to rely on moderators to pass on information to them.
It has been years of complains and still nothing done.
The aim of a game is above all to have fun and to have a fair chance of winning.
Not to bust your head under the pretext that you live in Europe


I was about to open a topic for the exact same reason…

How speed ties are managed, is really garbage.

Let’s be honest, in arena, it happens super rarely… but in tournament, it’s SO current that a match is only determined by only 1 speed tie, especially if the tournament requirements include andrewsarchus. titanoboa, etc.
The problem is, that only a few players are concerned (people who play a lot of battles during “skilled” tournament)… but please Ludia, please ! Do something !

Personal experience : I just finished my tournament at the rank ~18x, and for the record, I noted all of my matches who was ONLY DETERMINED BY 1 SPEED TIE. I have won 2 out of 21. (yes, my phone is old… and my 2 “wins” were felt like miracles) So just to see, if I count 50% of that kind of cra*** matches as wins (instead of only 2), I would have finished top 50 instead of top 250… (I know the calcul is not that simple, as if I was at higher rank during my climb, I probably would have tagged higher ranked players as well and this would have may change my winrate, but still…) the difference of the rewards between top 50 and top 250 is so huge… (if we do the conversion in Hard Cash, or real money, it really represents a lot…)
And all of this, because those “skilled” tournaments require a good phone and/or a good connexion.
What a game…

So yeah, it’s a complain, but only for that speed ties system. Make it pure random. Change the system entirely. I don’t know but do something, please. :frowning:
(Im not complaining about stun randomness, or crit randomness, or dodge randomness)


Thanks for the reminder, Ill be sure to make another topic in the next skill tourney, even though I don’t care for this game as much as I used to with all the current bullcrap…

There was a reason why I made this suggestion and posted three different possible fixes. New Emote idea. "You won because of speed ties."

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speed ties would be less of an issue of more things were meta for epics and rares though still be some issues still

Can we at least get another poll? I hate “skilled” tournaments just for that reason - I lose most speed ties (live in Florida, but in a rural area with a frequently bad internet connection).

Why not change it to RNG? That would at least be fair… or as fair as it can be.

Aperantly ludia actualy did run a poll(don’t have a link i just heard about it), and aperantly people decided to change nothing about them