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Back to complaining about speedties

We dont need anymore RNG in this game. There is too much already.

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I live in Canada, I have great internet and I have a newer phone and I still lose speed ties about half of the time. So is it really all about proximity to the servers? I obviously don’t know if every person I’ve ever lost a speed tie to lives in Quebec, but I find that doubtful.

RNG is a lot fairer than a “skilled” tournament that’s really advantage for those with newer/faster devices, closer proximity to Ludia servers and faster internet speed.

Losing speed ties about half of the time is a lot better than most of the time, which is what many of us are dealing with. Since 50% resembles pure RNG, why not just make it RNG for everyone - that’s the only way it could be fair.

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Well according to someone that does live closer to their HQ who still loses half their speed ties, I beg to differ. They live in Quebec and still have problems, pretty sure they have a newer device too.

So wouldn’t RNG at least level the playing field? That’s all we’re asking. No one should have an unfair advantage for any reason. Only those who currently benefit from speed ties have reason to oppose it.

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Internet is not point a to point b… it can come down too who has the least amount of hops between them and the servers for this game. While that’s generally the person who is closest physically not always. Their are other factors as well are they playing on cell data or WiFi cause that matters to an extent. If their on cell data network congestion can come into play. If on WiFi are they being held down by an under performing modem/router that came from their broadband provider.

Theirs so many factors and not a single one of them has anything to do with the actual game being played.

It’s also pretty unlikely their servers are in their headquarters. Most gaming companies lease their servers through someone else. I’m like 560 miles from Montreal and yet I win like 80% or more of my speed ties.

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Have you ever considered that it may indeed be truly pure RNG? With the addition of who hits the move the fastest? I’m sorry, but I’ve come across many speed ties where it is clear that I selected my move faster, which is why I won the tie. And for the ones that are close, I’m sure that they managed to have their move register faster than mine. I just don’t believe that it’s all about proximity to the server. It’s a fact that some people have better gaming skills than others, no matter how good you think you are.

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sorry i really dont think sweaty fingers mean better skills lmao biggest joke ever

“Sweaty”…interesting. :thinking:

tryhards who starts tapping like a maniac 3 seconds before the speedtie even happen

Have you ever played a video game before? Being fast, or in this case, the fastest, is of crucial importance.

still doesnt beat the fact that speedtie in this game is unfair
I’d rather bet a 50/50 rate than go with speedtie knowing I will lose 95% of them unless opponent isn’t paying attention

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Theirs no rng in it… this has been explained by Ludia.

What it boils down to if their are two people and everything is equal… ie phone speed, internet speed, and reaction time. Their is only one determining factor and that’s how far the information has to travel to the server. This comes down to milliseconds usually. Even if your a half second faster you could still lose if your data gets to the server first.

This is like multiplayer online gaming 101… and it’s why ping time matters in fast paced games like FPS.

I can bet the same people will still complain even if it was down to rng, I can promise you they will because guess what? They’ll probably still lose the same speed ties because the game says so. Or in my case I’ll lose more. :woman_shrugging:
My terrible rng in this game is legendary.

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Whether it’s complained about or not really isn’t the issue. With this particular mechanic most of the important factors take place outside the game in the real world.

Having match ups literally come down to who has the fastest ping in a turn based game is and has been one of the dumbest things I’ve seen implemented in a game.

I’d rather their be a solution without rng. I voted for the alternate rounds proposal back when we had the survey. That allows more strategic play then just rng.

But even if it was rng it’s rng that’s occurring inside the game.

Ever play a shooter? Its very similar, a lot of it comes down to who ever has the better internet on top of accuracy. In other games desync is a common problem. Making it random really doesn’t solve it. You’re just giving people another reason to complain.

I must have a really slow connection (to Ludia). Whenever I’m in a raid, I select a move, and it takes 1-2 seconds to process it! Not surprised I keep losing so many speed ties these days. I watch my move get selected and then I have a weird delay and bam, my opponent goes first…

Theirs a difference between a twitch based shooter where developers can’t solve the difference between players and a turn based strategy game.

Also even in cases like FPS… some companies invest heavily in making location less of a factor. Like riot games who have spent so much many in “net code” and deals with isps to give their internet traffic its own private lane. A ton valorants selling point is how much riot is going out of their way to mitigate this issue.

Ludia doesn’t have to go out of their way to solve who’s actually faster vs who has a faster internet connection. They can simply change the mechanic.