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Back to the future?

Interesting having Elizabeth/Nicholas learning about current times does that include leaving behind the 1700 century clothes?

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Apparently so :rofl:

Not sure about Nicholas but Elizabeth just wow :heart_eyes::fire:


It looks like Elizabeth has been watching a lot of Doctor Who too. The top half shares a resemblance to Matt Smith’s doctor’s outfit, with the red suspenders and beige jacket, and the Scarf is similar to the one worn by Tom Baker’s doctor.

She was absolutely adorable this time around and I love the cross over with Ingrid/Franz when they went to go see The Berserk

-insert sigh here- I wish they’d hurry up and let us switch counterparts.

Elizabeth and Nina are two I wish I’d known about before I matched with Every. Available. Match.

I had the same problem before restarting which I’m glad I did Elizabeth is beautiful, I saw one of Julia in a dress :fire: and Eveline/Jade :fire::fire::fire::fire:

I had every intention to reset. :rofl: So close to done with all the stories though. Just the Nina/Antoine/Noah story and the Adam/Dominic story left.

Afterward I’ll go through and get all the counterparts I want. Assuming they don’t give us the ability to switch by then.

I agree and I’m curious who returns tomorrow considering there’s a few who haven’t been updated since their initial release ie Samantha/Aesha, Julian/William, Daniel/Ryan, Kayla/Jasmin, Dahlia/Rose, and Michael/Sam

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It’s a pity really because it feels like a lot of the stronger female characters got put on the back burner early on.