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Back to work 😢


My 2nd day back to work after vacation. I miss being able to run out whenever I saw something I wanted… but glad I’m back in L1 consistently so I can refocus on my beloved :revolving_hearts:


Do you want megalosuchus to have a unique?


It’s already a superhybrid, so it won’t get one. I wouldn’t want one if it was possible though… I’ve spent too much time and resources on Meg, so the Unique wouldn’t replace her until max-level, if at all.


I’ve been thinking about trying to level mine to a usable level lately. I don’t have a counter attacker on my team and Megalosuchus is pretty tough at high levels.


She’s the only creature I’ve used that I never once considered replacing. I know you know your stuff, so she’d probably work wonders for you.


Didn’t get to show you this the other day but she got a level up! :heart_eyes: Your megalo is my motivator! #megalolove


Nice :muscle:t2::sunglasses::ok_hand:t2:


That 28 megalo of yours is :heart:
Also @Calebrys 27lvl is amazing too.

I am slowly following you guys


3 beautiful creatures in this thread :star_struck:


Mines anemic :sweat:


Keep building her up and she won’t be :wink: