Background Theme Scene…as a Setting?

I logged in to the game today and thought “hey this is a pretty cool background, I’d be into having this as my default background design”, then it dawned on me of how cool it would be, with the vast variety of background themes this game has displayed, if there were a setting where we could choose a preferred game map design as a preferred setting, then have those preferred chosen settings changed during say like a holiday (Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, etc.)


That would be pretty sweet, considering you would get to see whatever map you wanted to see every time you logged on. I would also put the option of switching your loading screen when the game first starts up. Indotaurus is amazing, but it would be cool to have preset backgrounds to choose from.

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That would be cool. Most of the year I would have the old Halloween map with the victorian lamp posts for supply drops, and in December I’d take the Christmas map with the falling snow.


Yes! Please! I love the current one more than all the previous and definitely more than the base one

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