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Backpack - Please Up Common Scent Limit to 5!


So, I’ve been pretty good about using the common scent bombs. I keep one for emergencies (when I can’t get out of the house or office and I want to play) and have one slot open, so I can collect the daily limit when spinning supply drops. This morning I gained one from a supply drop and then completed a single battle strike event, not realizing that the reward was another common scent bomb. This meant that I lost one, because the backpack only holds 2 and it was full, which was a bummer.
It really makes no sense to limit the common ones to 2. Ludia sells them in 5 packs, so programming already allows you to hold more. Just up the limit to 5, please, so that I have a bit more time to use them, especially if you are now going to regularly use the scent bombs as rewards for the strike events. Thanks!


When I won one from the strike event it went into a separate (pocket?) all together.


Strike event gave me a 20 min common - different to 5 min common and so separate “pocket”, but assume a 5 min would be “lost” if both common 5 min slots full


Exactly. That’s really bad because you can’t tell which one you are going to get and that mean you should leave one place for each type of scents before doing a scent strike (since there can be different rarity scent). Pretty bad.


It does seem a bit daft limiting inventory items to just 2, this need reviewing. I would be happy with 3-5 of each.


The limits on the scent capsules are “soft limits”. If you collect them from drops or towers you are limited to 2, if you buy them from the shop you can carry (presumably) as many as you want. Buying the 5 pack of common scents just means your inventory will read 5/2.


Yeah thats the issue… if you buy a stack of 5… you havw to use 4 of them just to be able to collect them from supply depots and strikes…if you can take money to give me 5 then when i have 3/2 i should be able to not loss them from depots and strikes


That’s the way the game has been designed. It “encourages” players to spend more money and because of that I don’t see them changing it.


I agree, 5 would be a great number


I actually got a rare scent from the scent strike event…


You can even get epic scents from the se, although its a low percent. If anything the current cap of two discourages me from buying any because i wanna keep extra space for the freebies.


Any update on this @Ludia?