Bad Cheater game


Are there any normal Players?I don’t think so…really Bad,A nice game Idea,but…


so is this you admitting you are a cheater or what?


No, I think he’s saying this game is made up.of only cheaters


Pfffffttt. Only the leaderboards are full of cheaters.
You vs. normal players until you lose once, sometimes they might be a cheater, unlikely if your a newer player, and when you lose once you start facing bots until you win once. Or was it lose twice?


I’m not sure who are cheaters and who are not. All I know is that I have a mix bag of wins and losses. However, I wish we were able to choose our opponents. Also, if we win so many battles then we get a ‘dna boost’ to a dino of our choosing. :grin:


For real I prefer to fight cheater than boots lvl 30, trying how to deal with unique hybrids!


Guys you are trashhtalking some times, sure a lot of the top 100 use cheats, and they will be banned eventually someday i guess, but there is a lot of people who wasted real money and grind alot too. I dont event know how to use any cheat and usually im in that range ranking


I do agree that not everyone cheats, but if given a choice between bots and cheaters- I’d prefer to play against cheaters. Also, I applaud everyone who hasn’t done any cheating and yet have achieved a lot in this game.:clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4:


how do I get a draw then loose . So many cheaters destroy this beautiful game!!!


this is one game . The exact same game. They steal turns, win on 2 stars . I will invest no more money or play multiplayer games till bans go out


Once again, in all games (especially online) there are going to be those that find a way to cheat. There are also going to be those that will have more money than they know what to do and spend on these games in the hopes of getting the upper hand. Now if you know who those cheaters are, then by all means go right ahead and turn them in. Just make sure you have the evidence that will backup your cheater claim. Otherwise, just play the game the way it was designed (and redesigned) to be played. There are honest players out there and you will play them. The other option is to get a platoon load of friends that you can select from to play against.


I’m in top 500 and have been there for 6 weeks through grinding 3 hours a day. I run into cheaters during battle 2-3 times a week. Usually they give theirselves away by stealing first hit with a slower dinosaur. Makes me mad but doesn’t take away enjoyment of going out and finding a rare or epic in the wild.