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"Bad" Creatures That Could be Good With Just a Few Tweaks

Pretty much what the title says. Creatures that are widely considered to be “bad” by the community and tier lists (at least from what I’ve seen), but with a few tweaks that could make them pretty good.

  1. Spinonyx

I’ll just get it out of the way, Nyx’s kit is outstanding. That’s the entire reason it’s here. It has access to one of the best bleeding moves in the game (for me it’s a tie between LW and MW), rampage cycling (both of them able to go through dodge, no less) and a rending move that (when combined with LW) can two shot anything that isn’t Bleed/Rend resistant a la Thylacotator.

So, what could make this thing ridiculously good? Probably a buff to either its health or attack. I’ve been suggesting a universal health buff to Bleeders for a while (for instance the Spino’s could easily go to 4500), and the main reason for this is so they can do their job better. Bleeders are meant to trap your opponent and quite literally bleed them dry. The issue is that they can’t because their health stats are so frail and they rarely have other means of defense.

This is part of the reason why Scorpius 3 is the most/only relevant bleeder in the meta right now, because it can actually take hits thanks to Critical Ambush. Giving Spinonyx more health (and other bleeders to boot), it could do its job as a bleeder much better.

The other option is to buff its attack to something akin to 1200 as a happy median between its two parents. This would help if you decided to go down the path of Rampage Cycling as its primary option.

This might result in the loss of some speed (maybe 1 or 2 points), but overall it would be better for the creature.

  1. Antarctovenator

Give. This. Thing. A full counter. That is all.

I don’t get why this hasn’t happened yet, really. I meant, the thing came out with just a status counter akin to Dilophoboa, Orion or Procerath, then got boosted to only a medium one. I don’t get it.

If you’re afraid of the thing having too high of a damage output, then it’s as simple as nerfing its attack to balance out a full counter. Both of its parents have full counters (Decelerating and Precise Shattering) and Aventador over here has a medium counter that has nothing to do with its game-plan or its parents.

Yes, it’s damage output gets pretty high if it gets set up (VI plus RIF is like a 2x multiplier), but for that to happen it has to actually get set up. That can take upwards of 3 turns if the player decides to whack their opponent with Definite Rampage, and pretty much everything nowadays has some sort of Vulnerability resistance. It doesn’t help that RIF is essentially a do-nothing move if your opponent doesn’t attack, which isn’t great.

So yeah, just give this thing either a Precise Shattering or Decelerating counter like its parents. Please.

  1. Indoraptor

Honestly all Ripper here needs is a revert to having APS and DSR instead of CS and APR. However, it probably wouldn’t hurt to give it some of Indom’s resistances as well. Maybe 67% or 75% to Decel (probably the first one) and some resistance to either swap prevention, DoT or both.

If it did get said resistances (at least the high-rolled versions like 75%) then it could lose the Cleansing Impact for something like Revenge Distracting Impact. Maybe.

  1. Indoraptor Gen 2

Give it APR and Re-Class it as a Cunning/Fierce. That’s all I got. I never really liked hybrids between creatures of two classes becoming entirely one class with virtually no trace of the former, which is why I’m suggesting something like that for Indo G2.

However, I wouldn’t advocate for giving it boosted resistances. Cautious Strike as a move concept is just ridiculous and I think if you were to give it APR then you would need to either nerf its speed, health, attack or possibly two of them.


If there’s a nonhybrid needing a buff, take Stegosaurus for instance.

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Thagomizer… So good

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Indoraptor gen 2 defenaitly needs a buff, it’s super Hybrid tho it’s preety useless.

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Funny how exclusive uniques have been ingored
Unlike indoraptor, something very easy to get, that should stay bad


I would have picked out a few of those, like Smilonemys, except that I did this kind of fast and Smilonemys is coming back to teams as a decently viable counter to Lux and Magnus.

If you have other examples then I’d be happy to hear them. Other Spinoconstrictor which I only just remembered.

True. I never understood why people want it buffed. I mean technically its made up of 2 creatures that are globals. Besides there is a trex raid, indominus rex raid, and an indoraptor raid. Its arguably the easiest unique to create.

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Indominus is significantly easier to make while being significantly better. That’s my reason, at least.

Scorp G3 and DCPRO are easier but far better lol

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even with buffing indoraptor like that it will still always be NOOB toven and spyx already decent


I said “bad” in quotes, so they could definitely be better.

I feel like pterovexus could be good with some changes it has very good immunities.
Shame its move set and base stats are not to par.

I decided to make a little rework
I think swap in would is not a good mechanic, so I decided to swap it for swap in dodge.
I also made the moveset 50/50 between the two components.
HP +100
Dmg +200

Might be OP but I can easily change it what do you guys think?

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Indoraptor needs a buff so it can actually be a relavent creature like some other Uniques. Without it, it gets destroyed by almost everything.

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My only issue with this post is your choices. I don’t necessarily disagree but there are dinos out there more useless than those and perhaps more deserving of a 2nd look Testa immediately comes to my mind for 1 but there are others as well

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I like the spinonyx ideas, I’ve always been a fan of dinos with dot in there moveset, spinocon is probably my favourite overall, & would love for him to get his old moveset back.


Eh, Scorp not so much since Carno and Gorgo are locked to days. It’s still easy to get (case in point I got it), but not as easy as what’s supposed to be the worst unique.

DCPro yeah I got no excuses, it may need a rebalance later on


In my opinion,

I agree that spinonyx is already very strong and its only weak point is its health which could be changed from 4200 to 4500 or even 4800.

Antarctovenator is one of my personal favourite uniques since it’s good against Magnus, looks cool, and has a variety of different abilities in its move set. I was also thinking of the fact that it’s parent both have moves that do full damage while tovenator doesn’t when it really should have “maximal nullifying counter”. I personally am not a fan of revenge instant ferocity and think it should be combined with antarctopeltas taunting shields into something like “revenge instant ferocious defence” or maybe even deinotheriums instant rumble.

Even though Indoraptor is a very easy unique to get, it really shouldn’t be this weak. Especially since all of its components are very strong. I agree that Indoraptor should have a speed decrease resistance from 67-75%, swap prevention immunity and apr should be changed to dsr. I don’t know how a feel about aps though.

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Spinonyx, needs stun and distraction resistance or immunity, since it is classed as a Cunning Fierce for some reason. Scorp Gen 3 is practically the best unique currently, an impact damage bleed with a 75% chance to stun is dumb, especially when it doesn’t have a delay but apparently Super Distraction gets a delay when it’s worse.

Indoraptor doesn’t really need buffs, easiest unique to make, possibly give it revenge dodge and 50% resistance to speed decrease.

Antarctovenator probably will be benefited from the resilient update, just needs more speed or hp tbh.

Indo Gen 2, has mutual fury which is a Fierce move. It’s kit is already great, it’s just suffering from resilients, much like every other cunning.


Spino really doesn’t need those resistances. It’s an Anti Tank. Main thing I would do is Vulnerable resistance at best. Health buff and a little damage is the best way to go for Nyx IMO.

Honestly Indo could go with either little change or a lot of change. Honestly, it can’t function in Aviary, which is really where it should be at least usable. So I agree with the first buff mentioned, but given it is easy to make, I’d also argue the second route could work.

Antarcto will likely be relatively unchanged. It has no resilient move beyond VI, and this may actually become a detriment to it if the datamine proves anything. I agree with it getting a full counter that actually makes sense (maybe Superiority Counter, but like the MRCA, doesn’t cleanse Distraction) and some speed, along with Diplovenator getting a speed boost as well (125 and 106 average to 110 somehow?)

Indo Gen 2 I kinda see both points. On one hand, you bring more of Indo Gen 2 in. On the other, you lose out on DI to help against fierce. I’d say RDI could go on it.