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Bad form!

So here’s something that really makes my blood boil!

Those players that come out all guns blazing on the 1st turn. Play is moving quickly, confident decision making and the battle seems like it’s going to flow well. Then… you take out their 1st Dino and suddenly every other turn becomes a wait for the timer to count down before they choose a move!
Even more infuriating is when they realise they may actually pull out a victory and start playing again after their go slow campaign!
Maybe it’s a tactic designed to make me play rashly, maybe sometimes (and only sometimes ) the player is otherwise engaged and unable to continue the battle. Regardless this really does wind me up.

Anyone else out there got particular dislikes when battling other players?


When it’s 2-2 and I say to myself watch him have a draco. Boom. Yep. Called it. :rofl:


I had refused to use the rat until recently (if you can’t beat en, join em). Just the other day decided to bin him again. I’ve been ratted god only knows how many times in the last dozen or so games.
Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t!!!

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Seriously, tell me about it. In this past week I haven’t played a single Arena battle where it wasn’t either on their team or they played it. I’m frankly sick of seeing it!


If you can’t beat them join them rats aye. I don’t like that saying at all. It never fit me though.

I’d rather go down with pride than to win with shame just my opinion though. I’ve also been ratted about 46/50 matches now. And I’d personally rather play a fun game then to add to the problem of this one. Just me though.


If anyone use DC on me I let the clock tick EVERY GAME!

I know I have good dinos to beat the DC and I win often anyway.

I do it EVERY GAME to show how bad those players are! Hahaha. :joy::joy:


I despise dracoceratops - never even created it. I also allow the clock to run out when the opponent pulls out their dracoceratops. It often pushes the favour in my side. I figure, if the game allows for people to use that garbage dino then the game also allows me to waste the opponents time.


I won’t use the vermin that runs riot.


That my friend, is a little something we like to call…


“be the change you want to see in the world” aka don’t use dracoceratops lol i don’t and i win, i don’t even have boosted dinos.

also keep your dracoceratops killer in it’s holster for later. my 28 utasinoraptor and 28 erlidiomimus can both kill it in 1 shot 9/10. i have a 30 stegodeus that i put in when i feel they are about to use it and i can beat it too.

the thing that stops me is when it’s 2 - 0 and then they bring out a boosted thor and end up winning the match from losing it because thor is too fast and 1 shots everything basically.


Totally agree with several comments already. If you’re using the rat I make sure to bleed as much time as I can before selecting my move. If you’re not good enough to play without the rat that’s on you.


Can’t wait for the boost 2.0 reset but I’m not sure how the 20-10-0 or 15-15-0 rats are going to be. Of course those will be the level 30 ones. It depends on whether they want less damage but have them survive the one shot’rs or go even where they have more damage but can be one shot’d easier. Players will be able to have super speedy Thors but they won’t have the damage. We’ll have to calculate the numbers whether a speedy Thor getting the extra hit in is better than a hard hitting Thor.

People who stop playing (because of a disconnect or because they hate when I use DC) are just a free incubator. The time wasting is inconsequential to getting 1 of 4 done. If you think about it that way it’s nice of those people to provide an easy win for you

I love how this started out as a rant on time wasting and turned into a rat rant :joy: but seriously rat ruins all strategy. It disrupts normal game flow and takes out critical thinking. Can’t say I don’t use him because he’s in my line up simply because I boosted him when I first made him and now I don’t have a good replacement yet thanks to the amount of boosts needed to bring a Dino up to snuff for aviary.

Back to the topic I have had those matches where it’s almost like they disconnect for half of it then decide to start playing again. Definitely annoying


I’m so rusty I’m actually afraid to battle.
I used to be the top, now I’ve gone downhill.


Yeah. I think everyone else does the same.

Instead of leveling up a dino of you own choice, everyone goes for the same dinos.

And they probably just want to have free and fast wins.
Pepole are lazy.

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The ones that know they are going to lose but insist on swapping half a dozen times anyway! Just take the hit and die already!!!


Great idea!

Should try that aswell!


Tell me about it, I just got ratted three times in the same match by a lvl 29 DC at High Aviary, leaving the rat with just 1 health…

Always take the free kill when DC comes in. Those that running time out are annoying, but I take free wins anytime. That won’t irritate me. RNG that chose wrong lineup for the match can make me mad, cause I know mostly from the start I have no chance, but still play it normally.

Few times time run out on me trying to decide what to do next, but that’s rarely happen.