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Bad Losers & Rage Quitters


Thank goodness the turn timers are short. I have noticed on occasion you’ll face one or two (or maybe more) unsporting-players who when they’re losing will let the timer drain down to the last second. I’m actually not sure what they’re trying to achieve, maybe they’re attempting to be vindictive because they losing (or losers), but it doesn’t work - it just makes them look like a complete noob. It’s one thing rage quitting after your first dino gets totally trounced by a superior strat, and another tying to try and punish your opponent by ‘wasting their time’ (if this what they’re trying to do IDK).

I don’t say two wrongs make a right but I encountered several of these ‘bad losers’ recently but one sticks in my mind because I guessed he hadn’t rage quit and was just letting his timer drain deliberately. Well, y’know two can play at that game, so I just kindly reciprocated as I ‘sloowly’ utterly destoryed his team (it turned out he had’t quit but was running his timer down deliberatly. Yeah silly I know.

Have you countered any Rage Quitters or Bad Losers who attempt to draw out a match?


I just assume they are only 12 years old and are having a temper tantrum.


I’ve encountered a few, the most recent one was when I managed to get 2 bleeds onto an opponent and pin them. After that dino died, the timer would run all the way to 0. :joy:

Having said that, I will admit to being guilty of it myself on occasion. Once I was experiencing a rather punishing losing streak until finally I’d had enough and just quit the game since there was no concede battle button.


i just assume that they are 40 years old and are throwing a temper tantrum :grin:


This is standard online gaming behaviour. Used to see it all the time in Hearthstone and that games DOES have a concede button :joy:


I’m sorry, but if there’s a game that justifies this behaviour, it’s this one… I admit, if I’m facing an Evasive Stance with no nullifiers and my attacks miss five or six times (which happens more than it should), I leave the game and go do something else.


I do the same no time for a game already decided by RNG.
Double dodge indom and triple dodge raptor is to much for my small gaming heart.
And dont forget the 100% crit rate from enemy indoraptors …


I don’t do that no matter how lucky you are against me. This is so petty.
If my opponent over luck a match like 3 5% crit I just press the first attack if I can’t win anymore to end the match faster.
I don’t know why someone should be punished because the game gave him all the luck. I couldn’t care less. Just end it as fast as possible and move on.
And if his team is worst than mine I know that I will crush him eventually so no problem. And if he’s one of those who have a better team than mine it’s OK it speeds up the match.


I do that only when I’m certain I’m facing a spoofer. I try to use defensive moves too.

Otherwise if I’ve surrendered I just use whatever attack will help end it quicker.

Edit: and no, not everyone with high level dinos becomes a spoofer in my book.


#cough# TheGamingBeaver #cough#

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I have noticed this a lot more recently. For me it usually happens when my first dino is almost dead and the opponent has low health. The opponent does strike but I swap in a counter dino and they lose that dino. That seems to upset some people, not sure why. I use counter dino’s all the time. The other is with people using this draco gen 2 and relying on it to win matches. I| have noticed it being used a lot more by mid level teams and using hoping for a crit, but not getting the crit and then getting pinned and killed, then they stop playing.

I don’t mind the easy wins but they could at least just push the strike button to make it go faster. I drop hundreds of trophies at a time and never make anyone wait. It the limited amount of time I have to play this game I prefer to spend it catching and have my battles over fast.


A couple months ago I had a temper tantrum and took the top 8 fastest creatures I had regardless of level and played a few battles where the only button I hit was the battle button. I just set the phone down and watched. I was surprised how well I did, but felt horrible after for putting opponents through that. Gooosfraba!

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I try for my own sanity to assume they lost connection. And to remember that my 4 year old grandson in law (hahahaha) plays this game. So yeah there is that.

When I know I’m out classed or out leveled I just swap in my weakest or most injured or put the worse skill I can to end it quickly.


I only do it to opponents using Draco G2.

I let the timer go to 1, and I’ve still beaten them about 10 out of 10 times.

Opponents that do it to me, I usually just attribute it to poor connection issues.

It’s bothersome, but it’s not troubling to me.


I only do it to the arena droppers that beat up the lower ranks. When they opened a battle at 4890-ish trophies with a 28 Tryk - after the tournament ended this week… Yeah. Equal consideration. You won, but I’m not playing that one.

Otherwise, I just mash the basic attack button to speed things along. Really want a concede button.


Were you using draco gen 2 I was just reading a thread of someone who does that when people use dg2


Like seriously just end it quicker by picking any old move if you’re going to lose anyway


Are you using a DracoRex Gen 2? If so, that would explain them forcing you to sit through the timer for exploiting a stupid game breaking mechanic and I support anyone who does it to you if that’s the case.


I MEAN. Maaaaaybe—(smoke bomb— runs)