"Bad luck" in game

Hello everyone.

I was wondering that something has changed, at least for me, after the game update that followed the very first and terrible tournament, concerning “luck” in the game.

Before that update I was having absolutely normal gameplay, and things like dodging, critical hits and stunning were very adherent to their percentage of success, both for me and my opponent.
After that update, things have very deeply changed.

My possibility to stun any opponent have really dropped. My sinoceratops barely stuns 50% of times, often less. I practically never obtain a critical hit except when the opponent is already dead and the normal damage would have killed that dino same way. Really, I ONLY obtain criticals when is absolutely useless.
Dodging is a just a little bit better.

My opponents, of course, surely have not the same problem.
I’ve just faced a lvl 14 Smilodon that dodged 6 out of 7 attacks and practically destroyed my whole (higher leveled) team, just to mention it.
And this has become quite normal for my gaming experience.

The subject is: what’s the point in having now a luck system that always favours the opponent?
If I was playing against the cpu, well, that would be normal for any game, but really, what’s the point in always favouring another human player instead?
Is it the classical matter of money? Other players spend more real money in game and so have better “luck”?

A bit annoying, but it would be useful to know if it’s really like this.


I go up against Sinoceratops with my 2nd account all the time and they must stun on both stun hits 95%-100% of the time.

sounds like my games. my thor only crits when they have less health than his base damage so its useless, then ill go up against a thor that of course is higher level and way more stat boosts and they crit 4 times in a row wiping my whole team, my evasions barely work. i spend most of my matches using distraction and shield based abilities because they are the only contestant thing that works.

It has always been like that. You were just lucky before.

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Okay then, but I still wonder how the all thing works, so if there are mechanisms that favours “luck” or simply how “luck” is represented in game mechanics.
I know probably there isn’t a single answer, it is mainly for my curiosity.


seems to me like you didn’t pay for enough luck.

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I keep facing you and my luck is awesome. How do we balance that take?

We know folks face each other…you win the luck battle or the opponent does…it’s automatically balanced unless you think it’s deferred to those other accounts but that’s crazy talk.

I don’t know, I only know it is becoming more and more worst.
A Smilodon at lvl 13 again destroyed my entire team of 17-20 lvl dinos simply dodging one time and inflicting an improbable amount of damage to everything.
Of course my lvl 17 Smilodon, boosted up in speed and attack, is probably the most useless dino I’ve ever had: dodges 1 out of 10 times, always faces opponents that deny its abilities, and so on.

Also, things like Allosino and Utahsino are practically impossible for me to face, they deal too much damage and have too much life points, and are becoming quite common than in the past.
Playing daily battles is becoming a real nightmare, I don’t know how to reach 2500 pts because every progress is matched by the same amount or more of defeats.

I know it can feel like you have bad luck sometimes and when you go on a losing streak you start to imagine conspiracy theories of ludia doing secret things with RNG against you but in reality sometimes our RNG is just crud for a few rounds (It happens to everyone). Its not unbalanced and it doesn’t favor people. It’s all chance.