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Bad luck with Diloranosaurus

Has anyone else literally gotten only 10 from Diloranosaurus every fusion. I’ve actually kept track of it and even before when I had to fuse to unlock it, I got 10. My Diloranosaurus is barely at level 17 too. Dilophosaurus dna is hard to come by. All I know is if this keeps happening then diloracheirus will probably be nerfed by the time I get it. Oh well.

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Diloranosaurus is so hard to fuse for! My problem is the opposite. Ouranosaurus is the hard one to find for me. I would always get really sad after finally getting some Ouranosaurus DNA and getting a 10 on the fuse. Thankfully it is now 20, but now starts the slow painful process of trying to create Diloracheirus. I can see it now. 10…10…Where are you Ouranosaurus?

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It migrated to L4. I’ve seen 4 or 5 since 1.7

This Weekend is Ourano-Time :heart_eyes:image

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My green chicken since creation 18.10.17 to 19.04.23 says it all :joy:
After she reached lvl27, the fuses went back on track. All that time before was a legit torture.

Yeah i would have finished this one long ago but the amount of 10 fuses for this one was more then any other unique ive made… this weekend baring some crazy lack of ourano spawns i should finish it and possible get a level or two…

I’m very excited about this weekend because of Ouranosaurus. :blush: Hopefully the fuses will be nicer. :crossed_fingers:I am afraid I won’t have enough. :disappointed_relieved:

Are these dates? If so, that’s the worst way to indicate dates I’ve ever seen.
Do they use this in your country? Which country?

2023 is where L5 can be found. Us mere mortals are still scrabbling around in 2019 desperately searching for hybrid ingredients

Haha, same here. Over my entire roster, my fusion results seem to match the probability distributions I’ve seen on Metahub (as well as my overall experience). Some dinos, though, are luckier than others, and for me, the least lucky are Dilorano and Dilorach. Tens… allllways tens. It took me 70 days from when I hit L20 on Dilorano to unlocking Diloroach. My Indo was L25 before I even unlocked Dilorano, and that was after having a HUGE head start with around 4K Ouranosaurus DNA when I started leveling-up Dilorano in the first place.