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BAD news from the boost reset

Before the reset it would have cost us 2046 boosts to max out a stat.
Now it will cost 2000 boosts to max out a stat.
This seems like good news doesn’t it?
But here’s the thing, it costs 100 boosts to boost from 0 to 1, and so on.
So we will be applying a stack of boosts to lower level boosting! No longer will it be 2 boosts to get a Dino boosted to level 1, 6 to level 2, 14 to level 3 etc…
No, fellow players it will be 100 to get to level 1, 200 to 2 and 300 to 3.

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but we’ve been properly shafted here. The cost to boost a Dino to the current average of level 6 (which will of course be level12) will now be 1,200 boosts. The pre change cost was 126.

Where does it suggest that the average player will be given 10x the amount of boosts back?
It doesn’t does it ?
Nor will it .


We do not know what the cost structure will be yet.

I brought this up in another thread. However i mentioned that i believe if the multiplier is 4-5× everyone should be back to where they were in terms of amount of dinos boosted to the same tier. I highly doubt its a 4-5× multiplier though.

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We do know. Its 100 per tier boost for every tier amd they go up to 20 now.

Where is it posted from Ludia that it is 100 per tier? I could very well have missed that.

The current structure does take 2000 boosts to tier 10. That does not necessarily mean it will be 2000 in Boost 2.0. It could be 50//Tier… or 25 even.

It’s posted in the new Q&A thread.

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Thank you!! I was out an did not see that.

This is actually GOOD news. You need to stop thinking only in terms of your own team. Yeah, it looks bad but it is the same for everyone.


Everyone could reasonably afford to boost up to 5/5/5 before this reset.
Now no one will keep up with the whales as the actual cost to us is significantly higher to reach halfway.
I fail to see how this is good news!


In 1.9 and earlier, whales could boost all dinos speed to T7, T8,and sometimes T9, thus you wouldn’t be able to compete with them anyway. Bringing up whales is not a great argument.
2.0 should bring better balance and a more diverse meta. Let it roll out first, if it sucks, then trash it.


The whales were already 3 tiers ahead. This stops the level 24 Boosted creatures from beating the level 30 ones.


No, it’s only good for the whales.

If you didn’t buy boosts, you could still boost all your team more than halfway.

Now, if you didn’t buy boosts, you can boost half your team halfway… more or less.


A creature level is worth an extra 5%. That’s the same as 2 Boost tiers. It makes levels more important now.

Don’t think

I think this will reduce the influence boosts have on the numbers, and at the same time increase the chaos over which dino outpaces what. Where I’m at in arenas, all Thors have a speed of 135. That’s standard issue. After the update, what’s going to be the next popular speed? What I want: “Uh, I dunno… Faster than the other guy’s Thor?” It’ll be the same story with the Erliko hybrids and pretty much everything else. Speeds will be much less predictable, I think. Aside from speed ties, boosts will now have a much smaller influence on the game. Who knows? Maybe soon, I’ll actually see challenging strikes again!

For what’s worth, if you go up in arenas, Thors go up in speed as well. I’m currently between Gyrosphere depot and the Lybrary, and no one has a Thor slower than 143. Sometimes you see 150, and I imagine that in the last arena is even more bonkers.