Bad Night Spawns Since Last Update


I made a video talking about it and showing the bad spawns during the night. Am I the only one with this “problem”?


No, my wife and I said the same thing. Between the bad late night spawns and we have reached the point where we can’t get enough coins to level anything we hardly play anymore.


I dont know but i noticed much less epic spawns lately, literally 2 weeks whitout see a baryonix and im moving alot for my city


Ankylosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Pyroraptor, Erlikosaurus and Trex disappear the moment I’m home from work and able to play.
I’m not against different spawning patterns, but making so many much needed fusing ingredients exclusive to working hours feels bad.


I agree. I’ve been on holidays this week and have been a passenger on a lot of road trips and the spawns seem fewer.


Night hunting is pretty much dead these days. I only go out half as much as I used to at night and half of those times are pretty disappointing. You’d think they would just flood the map with dinos these days so we’d have tons of DNA ready to level stuff up. It could only lead to more coin purchases for Ludia, so I don’t know why they’d cut it back so drastically.


night is usually pretty good. i feel like i see more epics at night. dawn is the only really bad time for me. nothing but dracorex gen 2 and diplocaulus


Barionix still night down dusk? Cause i dont see any in 2 weeks now and i was hunting 2,3 per night


I saw one Baryonyx yesterday, around dusk.
But also feel epics are fewer than several weeks before, when ver.1.3 just updated.


I think they droped the epic rate like pre 1.3, dont know why, more dinos and more diversity out mean more fun, more dna and more money to they for use that dna… Less dinos out mean less fun, less dna, more p2w incubator for whales, people get bored of walking for nothing and losing battles and less money to they…


Yes something like that happened too, the first day after the update was like “omg loot at how many rares and epics!!”. And then everything changed again :sob: