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Bad PvP Luck

Now, this is what bad luck looks like. First, AI takes the first turn. Then, puts in an overpowered creature in the first spot. Then, also gives it class advantage. With all that, I still had squeaked by with just enough to not be 1-hit KO’d… and he uses a Wound mod. This is the second matchup like this in a PvP I’ve had in the last week. Nothing worse than losing a match before you even get a turn.


I prefer using Ceno modded PvP, less of a chance to be overwhelmed by class advantage and mod types.

Lv10 Panochthus leading off with 1600+ HP doesn’t go wrong often.

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I generally do as well, but I’ll often do an aquatic one to finish off my daily missions. Particularly if I land on a mod pack and have extra mods to burn off.

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With Liosicthtodon popping up in most matches, you should open with a class advantage creature.

I always set up the exact same way as Mary.

Reef - Surface - Cave

I like using Banga or Tusoteuthis as my anchor.

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Might have been a good idea 3 weeks ago, but the new dino is getting a bunch of play. It’s got a ton of hp, but not a excessive attack.I have had a few matches against 3 of them. So it’s best to assume your going to face one and arrange your Dino’s to deal with it.

If you leave your lineup to hoping you have 1st attack or that the opponent does not use the dino, your setting yourself up for failure.

It’s a good point. Usually it’s surfaces that pop up the most, but this hybrid definitely is in there a lot right now. But I haven’t seen another one this high level against my level of aquatics either.

It’s following the new hybrid. Last 2 released I think were surface. Now it’s cave. Let’s see if it’s a 2nd cave hybrids Before they intro a badly needed reef hybrid. Don’t say Leptosega as its just too ineffective.

Surfaces are just the most common in aquatics in the way that carnivores are in Jurassics, so if I’m not thinking about a recent release, I just assume that’s the most likely to come up first, even though it does seem they rotate the classes around fairly well.

And yeah, annoying we still haven’t gotten a decent reef hybrid, particularly since there isn’t even a strong reef VIP. Not that I care, but there hasn’t been a Leptocleidus unlock in all the time I’ve been playing so can’t make the Leptostega anyway (I’ve picked up one along the way at some point but hardly ever use it).

My top 6 aquatic teams are the at 30’s. Level 30 henodus is very effective. At 30 they cycle every 12 hours. Tylo at 40 cycles just over 12 hours dunkle at 20 take more than 14 which is frustrating.

Rhom at 30 and umdon at 40 are also good. Lept at are winnable at 30, but you have to protect them. Not worth the dna wasted to get a lept.

I have a leptostega level 30 and it is my best reef, then comes henodus 20, two kronosaurus 40, liopleurodon, pliosaurus. Detail my strongest creature is tylosaurus level 40 … my matches are reasonable as i have enough creatures of all classes.