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Bad start to the day

Does anyone else ever start playing, get their rear ends kicked 3 times in a row, realize it might just not be your day and stop battling for a while before you go down 300 trophies?

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That seems to be every day for me. :disappointed:

Same. Evasive has been working at about 50% today, constant bad matchups, and lotsa DCs hanging about. On that note, my DC counters aren’t getting picked often enough.

I got knocked down to Aviary, where I promptly smashed a player to smithereens. Definitely shouldn’t be getting knocked down there, apparently.

This is one of those days

When you’re playing, and you realize you are an hour into your losing streak. :raised_hand: I’ve had that happen. :weary:

Your post is great because funnily enough I got knocked out of aviary snd back down to the giant house I’d love to own…

Also it’s gotten to the point where i can literally point my finger at the screen when I know the situation is right for The Rat to come in and boom there he is right on cue 75% of the time.

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