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Bad things about the update

Ok I got to de honest that the new update has bad things like the creature updates like why on earth would they replace Thor’s group shattering rampage and lower the stun resistance for Mortem and worst of all they added vulnerability to resilient type moves this means that 99% of the resilient creatures in this game give of vulnerability so good luck in PVP

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Whenever I read these posts I always have to ask… where have you been for the last week? These same issues have been in heavy thread rotation for almost a week. Yup they made a mess, they won’t admit it for 6 months and then they’ll “accidentally” create another mess with their fix. At this point, if you’re still playing JWA you deserve what you get because any sane, reasonable person should’ve seen their nonsense 2 years ago and jumped ship.


i rather have the normal resilient abilities that could slow down instead of vulnerable. so basically ludia said that resilent creatures are dominating in 2.8 and they want to nerf it. I prove them wrong that resilient creatures ike hadros, testa, cera and all the others got a buff instead of a nerf. for example hadros defeats mortem because vulnerable resilent attack that could kill mortem in one hit.


at this point, i only play JWA because JWTg crashes on my phone and JPB is inactive, and it is the only jurassic world franchise game left for me.


When agree to accept invitation to raid… always failure and shows Google play


Consider yourselves lucky as you are still playing the game, imagine the upset of those who can’t get past 1/30 loading screen, including me, missing out everything.

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That too of course me included! But it does not stop me to comment on the topic even if I can not get into the game!

Now the only rule in this game which has stability is that there are no rules!!!
If I go and buy a car and pay extra for adding leather sits , can the factory take back the leader sits after 6 months?
Every game is based on rules. What u can do and what u can’t , what u get and what u won’t !
These rules are there to stay through the game !

Ludia create a Dino which will be announced with certain moves. Players work with that, investing hours of their time and money into make that Dino workable and after 6 mounts everything is off !!!
Hey ! U have announced this !!

There is not a single rule in this game which is not subjected to a change , the game of no rules.
See how the supply drops moves out of your reach,
Because they are subjected to change positions. Why ? Because some certain players decides it !!?
Look at the raid bosses that never comes into your zone.
Look at the darts that one is rightfully has to earn after spinning the supply drops which don’t come into your account !!

As to not upset the forum again I will edit down the post to say. I feel the update nerfed the class out of their intended use as cunning counters and now have made them work better against fierce which again in my opinion isn’t how they should be. I do agree that certain ones were over powered but it wasn’t the slow that was causing it but the damage they could out put. I just no longer see resilient Dinos as a counter to over sped teams



Only certain resilient needed a change, the problem I see now is they have had a bit of a go at balancing other dinos out because of the blanket change,but it hasn’t worked, tbh I haven’t seen such a mess since 2.0 , not to mention that for whatever reason a chunk of players mainly on android from what I understand can’t even play the game, imo the game had for a while been quite balanced overall, but now……

Try uninstalling the game. Then reinstall it.

So this wasn’t the intention? :joy::joy:

(mine actually does 3400~ on a rampage)

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Its been weird seeing all the people howling about Thors’s move “nerf” when the group impact is far better than the group rampage was for PvP, and arguably for raids as well. Also it’s one of the central figures of dinosaurs people have problems with the design of it/boosts at large once they start hitting the arena trophy bottlenecks. Thor’s adjustment, I hesitate to call it a nerf, was probably the least controversial change after like spinocon’s buff.

Whats dissapointing is what they did to Resiliant dinos. Vulnerability over speed decrease? That doesnt help me if my dinos die by the second attack!

At this point they should either just remove cleansing distraction and add deceleration and lower their damage. After that’s, it would be fine. Like they wouldn’t do much damage since they can be distracts but can do a good hit the next one, but not too much to take down a fierce creature for some reason. Like why is that even possible, looking at lux over there. That way, people would boost hp more instead of distract.

Also in some ways vulnerable is more broken, like these things have over 5k hp, so they can survive without decreasing speed then Make these things vulnerable with like 1200-1500 base damage already. That’s why they need a damage nerf.