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Bad timing

It upsets me that even though they’re releasing two new dinos into the weekend (probably nasuto and allo2) that the weekend won’t be available for some people.

No, I’m not referring to anything about Labor Day. I’m talking about this:

People won’t be able to go outside due to the hurricane and probably won’t have signal for another half-week.

Now I’m not saying that the event should be postponed. What I’m suggesting is a “repair” event where the dinos will still spawn (albeit much rarer) for another week in the states and countries affected by the hurricane.

It’s sad, but the weather is something that constantly affects thousands of players around the globe every week, even if it’s not as serious as a hurricane. That’s something no one can control…


I get that it’s unfair, but you can’t control the weather. I have missed a lot of event things because of it, if they do this they better do this for everybody that has had horrible weather in their countries. I’m sorry, but you should not have more chances to get them than the rest of us.

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Well, Ludia could just put a joystick in the game and make it fair for everyone. That’s something that should’ve been done prior to the Universal Studios/Montreal events…

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Please dont go out to hunt for them.

Hey Bluefish, please make sure to stay safe. The DNA can also be collected from a Sanctuary from any of your Alliance members that collected the dinos.

Yes be safe. And thank your lucky stars it’s not a Sharknado!

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