Badge Strike bad joke?

While I am thankful that they put the badge and title in the very beginning of the strike, what kind of minds came up with a badge strike where you fight level 30 boosted creatures, especially rexy, only to get just a gold incubator at the end? Seems like the kinda battle you would see during the april fools week, not Dominion.


To me seeing strike towers with 10 attacks OR even more than 3 is just plain annoyance. Especially over the weekend when tournament is also active.


I agree, arguably I guess I should have checked the incubators contents prior but wow did it not feel great spending an hour (yeah an hour, not joking. Old phone + JWA’s myriad of bugs and crashes = everything is a slog) to get that final win and all I got was like 20 epic dna, 50 or so rare dna and a couple hundred common. I thought we’d get one of the better gold incubators but no :confused:


That single boosted rexy went through my 75% dodge chance 15 times causing me to lose 5 times and lose 15 hc not even being able to finish the strike. Ya its an april fools joke for sure


I was just glad this huge tower was at my house so I could use WiFi and not data.

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Same happened with me with the dodge but I still won.

Yea, that one boosted rexy was a problem for me too, kept going through indoT’s dodge. Decided to stop after the three losses, not worth the time or hc

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i was a fan. simple strike tower. got me most of my daily battles without having to go to the arena or tournament.


Rewards were not worth it. That was the only problem to me.